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Use this crazy simple email hack to grow your following

Olman Quesada
Olman Quesada

May 14, 2017

Capture attention with every email you send with these sexy signatures


We're constantly sending them.

As of 2:04pm I've sent 59 (plus a few for work).

(I kid you not, I have two different email accounts open on my computer right now and I am sending emails from both. #HustleHard.)

But, most of us are missing excellent opportunities to plug our business and our brand.

To make sure we don't miss those opportunities, there's WiseStamp.

Lifetime Access to WiseStamp

Isabel instantly becomes a more reputable photographer with her recent work right there.

WiseStamp is a tool used for creating email signatures that will not only dazzle your recipients but also lure them to your websites and recent work.

So each time you send an email, there's a good chance you will be driving people to your sites.

Who would've known sending emails could make you money?

WiseStamp offers a ton of email signature templates, which can be used by anyone.

In fact, the entire Sumo & AppSumo team uses WiseStamp. It's the first thing a new hire sets up!

Lifetime Access to WiseStamp

Lifetime Access to WiseStamp

Editing email signatures is as simple as dragging and dropping what you want in there.

Once you've created the signature of your dreams, you can use it on any of these email platforms: Gmail, Google Apps for Work, Office365, Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL (shout-out to you AOL users still going strong!).

Ordinarily, access to WiseStamp's Pro Plan would cost you $72 for the year. Which, if you send even 10 emails a day, that's less than 2 cents an email!

The Pro Plan includes:

  • No WiseStamp signature promotion

  • Premium templates & design features

  • Custom social icons

  • Unlimited different signatures

  • Priority support

But, you don't have to pay $72 if you swipe your Sumo-ling VIP card at the checkout.

Swiping your VIP card will take the price down from $72 to only $29!

And those $29 will gain you lifetime access!

Yes, yes, we appreciate the applause. Thank you.

Create your traffic-driving signature now!

Even better, this is an unlimited personal account so you can connect it to all of your personal email accounts! (You can't connect it to other people's accounts with different names).

Here's what a couple of Sumolings had to say when we offered this deal last year:

Lifetime Access to WiseStamp

Lifetime Access to WiseStamp

So what happens if you don't use WiseStamp?

Well, you will just carry on using your current, sad and basic signature.

But, is that really what you want to be doing?

These WiseStamp signatures bring so much more to the table.

For one, you get to show everyone your beautiful mug. You didn't spend your middle/high school years wearing braces to not show off your pearly whites.

Next, you are gaining credibility, increasing traffic to your site(s), and growing your following!

In case you were wondering, the signatures are dynamic. Meaning, if you have attached your blog, your recent posts will be shown... or your latest Instagram post... or tweet!

Lifetime Access to WiseStamp

Lifetime Access to WiseStamp

Lifetime Access to WiseStamp

These WiseStamp signatures are so cool, you'll find any excuse to email people. (I even send emails to people that have no subject or body, just my signature.)

We made sure to bring back this WiseStamp deal for a reason:

Because it's a friggin great deal! And we really see the value in this and want Sumolings to reap the benefits.

So if you're ready to display that gorgeous smile of yours and drive traffic to your sites, get this deal.

C'mon, $29 is well worth the lifetime access.

Click here now for lifetime access to WiseStamp!

$29  $360

Starts In

Lifetime Access to WiseStamp's Pro Plan

  • Lifetime Pro membership
  • Premium templates & design features
  • No WiseStamp signature promotion/branding
  • Unlimited different signatures
  • Connect all your email accounts
  • Custom social icons
  • Reply/forward signatures
  • Premium support
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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