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Jeff Lurie
Jeff Lurie

June 23, 2017

Create show-stopping visuals, presentations, and infographics in minutes

Do you ever get the feeling that people are completely ignoring the banner ad you spent all week creating?

Or that they're not sharing that "super neat infographic" your niece designed for you.

Don't feel bad, holding the attention of your audience is no easy task, but it's one of the most important things you need to do.

What you need is a tool that will help you create eye-popping visuals without the wallet-draining costs.

Meet Visme.

Snooze-proof visuals!

Visme turns ordinary ads, presentations, infographics, and reports into powerful visual stories.

This easy-to-use, intuitive builder comes with thousands of assets and fully customizable templates.

Visme helps create stunning visual stories for:

  • Presentations - Whether it be sales or marketing, choose from hundreds of custom presentation themes or create from scratch. Publish online, share, or download presentations as JPG, PNG, PDF, and for Sumolings only HTML 5 for offline use.

Lifetime Access to Visme's AppSumo Plan

Presentations people will actually stay awake for.

  • Reports - Upload data from a CSV or Excel file, or pull from Google Sheets. Then, add it to the 20+ beautiful chart types and hundreds of templates that turn boring data into eye candy.

Lifetime Access to Visme's AppSumo Plan

Charts people will actually want to see.

  • Infographics- Create infographics that are far from static. Make objects actionable by linking to a website, product page, social media or slides. Build pop-ups or animate content with just a few clicks!

Lifetime Access to Visme's AppSumo Plan

Infographics that engage.

  • Social media- Create graphics such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ posts and covers to post on your social channels.

Lifetime Access to Visme's AppSumo Plan

Ads that catch your eye.

Visme is fantastic for all design skill levels, as it is simple and intuitive for beginners and powerful and scalable for professionals. (Everyone from students to marketing professionals, to even my neighbor Janice can use this.)

Lifetime Access to Visme's AppSumo Plan

Now that you know what you can do with Visme, it's time to discuss what comes in this AppSumo deal.

AppSumo is bringing you lifetime access to Visme's Sumo Standard Plan which includes:

  • Unlimited projects & 250 MB of storage

  • Access to premium templates, icons, charts and data widgets

  • Download as JPG, PNG, PDF, & HTML 5

  • Removal of Visme branding on projects

  • Access millions of images

Regularly, a plan like this would cost $120 per year.

But, because of your Sumoling status, you can grab it for just $49!

That's a savings of over 60% in the first year alone!

(This deal is for the Standard plan with unlimited projects. But now also with HTML 5, because we love you, Sumolings)!

Make amazing visual stories right here!

Lifetime Access to Visme's AppSumo Plan

We know there are other tools people can use to create presentations.

But let me toot Visme's horn a little bit more.

Visme takes the features you are used to from traditional presentation software and pairs them with design features so users can create more engaging and aesthetically pleasing visual stories.

To make sure your presentations are eye-catching, Visme offers up hundreds of beautiful templates, 100+ fonts, thousands of vector icons, and millions of free images.

With Visme, boring, static content is replaced by video, audio (upload or record voice over inside the editor), and embedded content such as Google Maps, surveys, donation forms, etc.

Creativity is never limited when you're using Visme. (Can't say that about the competition.)

Lifetime Access to Visme's AppSumo Plan

Presentations don't have to be boring.

By using Visme, we guarantee they won't be.

Get access to Visme's Standard Sumo Plan now or risk having people scroll through Twitter every time you present.

It's only $49... for lifetime access!

($49 is well worth the attention you will grab.)

Click here for amazing presentations for life!

$49  $625

Amount Remaining

Lifetime Access to Visme's Sumo Standard Plan

  • Lifetime access to Sumo Standard Plan
  • Unlimited projects (unlocked feature)
  • Access to premium templates
  • Access to premium icons, charts and data widgets
  • Ability to publish online, or download as JPG, PNG, PDF, AND HTML 5
  • Removal of Visme brand over projects
  • Media manager
  • Presentation notes
  • New customers only
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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