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Most of AppSumo's revenue comes from sending emails

Chad Boyda
Chad Boyda

October 29, 2012

Meet Vero, a smarter way to send emails (aka something we would have built ...)

Over 70% of our revenue comes from email. You can say it's pretty important to us. We've spent 1.5 years building our own custom system and evaluated many email companies to potentially help us out. None have impressed us ...

We are a small team so we can't do everything we want. Things we've always wanted in an email system are tying emails to our own analytics, customer profiles, and event data.

Vero recently came out of beta and if we hadn't built our own email system we would be using it today.

Who's Vero for?

If email is critical to your business, you are a SaaS business, an ecommerce site, or people have to install something from your business then I recommend it. If you have a blog or don't send too many emails I wouldn't waste your time, yet.

I personally love Vero since it's so easy you won't need to bug your engineers. Their API is as easy to use as adding Google Analytics or other JavaScript tags to your site.

Here are a few specifics for why I love Vero, (borrowed from Vero's blog, you should read it):

1. Re-engage your customers

Let's say someone signs up for AppSumo but doesn't come back within 7 days, it can automagically send them a custom message.

At Flightfox they were able to double their conversion rates through sending an automated email if someone set up a flight but didn't pay for the premium version.

Track when customers use certain features of your product so you know what features they aren't using and send emails offering helpful suggestions.

2. A/B test your emails

You can test your send times, subject lines and body copy. We test subject lines at AppSumo and the results are dramatic.

We tested the following two subject lines for our Sumo Business Blueprint deal. Guess which one did better?

  • A: Stop being a "Wantrepreneur" and start building your biz now ... we'll show you how
  • B: Create business ideas and test them without putting any $ on the line in less than 2 hours

Subject line B had a 12% increase in revenue per email sent.

3. Customer Profiling

If a customer has purchased shoes from you before and is female, you can include a coupon for women's shoes. If the customer is male and has a history of viewing sporting goods you can offer him a discount on sportswear instead.

Studies have shown that including the customer's name in the subject line will dramatically increase open rates.

It's much cheaper to love the customers you already have than pay through the roof for new ones.

I love the concept that once you find things to improve via email triggers, it will always be better. Forever.

This is NOT a replacement for Aweber or Mailchimp for your newsletters. This is more an in between to encourage actions within your business.

They have a 14 day free trial so if you aren't ready to commit then give that a shot. Here

Anton negotiated a great 1 year special that's normally $600 for just $49. You can send up to 30,000 emails a month.

$49  $600

Starts In

Vero, One Year of 30,000 email/month Plan

  • Must redeem coupon code within 6 months from purchase
  • New customers only
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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