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Introducing online trick-or-treating ...

Anton Sepetov
Anton Sepetov

October 28, 2014

Let your website visitors trick or treat on your site with this new FREE app

I miss trick-or-treating.

Grabbing a big pillow-case, putting on a costume, and walking door-to-door getting surprised at each house with some some mean trick (Floss, really?) or some beautiful treat (king-size candy bars, hell YES!)

Then coming home, basking in all your candy, and doing this every day after Halloween:

Happy kid with candy

The old-fashioned way to turn up!

Now I'm too old and would probably get arrested walking to a stranger's house begging for candy :-(

But what if you could trick-or-treat from the safety of your computer, no matter your age?

Today, YOU CAN, with our brand new online trick-or-treating.

Click here to trick or treat on AppSumo.com

Knock on the door and trick or treat on AppSumo!

Pretty damn cool, right? Well, I'm about to blow your mind ...

Want to add trick-or-treating to YOUR site?

With Trick or Treat by SumoMe, you can set up your own door to let your visitors trick or treat on YOUR site.

It's 100% free and works on all sites (WordPress, HTML, PHP, etc etc.)

Click here to install Trick or Treat in less than 37 seconds.

If you already have SumoMe on your site, install it with one click in the Sumo Store.

With Trick or Treat, you can:

  • Halloween-ify your site before the big day on Friday
  • Drive your site viral traffic as people share your treats through social media
  • Customize your Halloween "door"
  • Pick what treats your visitors get

Halloween is only 26 hours away ...

Install Trick or Treat on your site now and Halloween-ify your site!

P.S. Think you can collect the most candy? Check out the Trick or Treat Leaderboard here.

Trick or Treat (SumoMe App)

  • Let your website visitors trick or treat on your website.
  • See how many people trick or treated at your site.
  • Change the look and feel of your door.
  • Customize which treats your visitors can get.

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