Make sure your email marketing campaign doesn’t get lost or worse... spammed.

Don’t be that guy who just throws emails at the wall and sees what sticks. Start running and optimizing your email campaigns like a pro.





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::Imagine a Down-Under Sumo::

Ahh yes... the elusive email list.

A rare sight indeed.

They’re quite remarkable to say the least. Watching them grow is absolutely fascinating!

But alas, we come across a dreadful problem here, mate...

In order for your email list to be properly handled and allowed to roam free into your prospects inbox, you’re going to need some help.

Not just any help from any service, mind you.

You’ll need to call upon Total Send.

Total Send is an email marketing tool for building your brand, revenue, and more! Manage subscribers, send campaigns, and track results.

You see, most small or new businesses have to work pretty hard to build their list. But it is completely pointless if you’re doing all the wrong things with that list.

Like, say, spamming out a general email that isn’t relevant, or just a horribly designed newsletter, or not A/B testing your emails.

What’s worse is if you’re not even checking to see if the people on your list are even getting your emails in the first place.

That’s a huge NO-NO!

Total Send takes all of that and washes your hands clean of it by helping you with:

List Management
Total Send provides you with all the features needed to manage your lists: list size according to your plan, custom fields, website integration, subscriber segmentation, automatic subscription and bounce management, and much more.

Campaign Management
You can build a campaign either from scratch or based on a previous campaign you have already sent. You can also choose to create a campaign using one of the built-in templates. Regardless what method you use, no advanced skills are necessary for you to quickly and easily build successful email campaigns.

Statistics and Reporting
Detailed reporting and analysis so you can determine your email campaign’s success. You can also explore your campaign’s best options with the following features: free email design testing, spam filtering testing, detailed email opens and link clicks; invalid email addresses, spam complaints, web browser views, forwards, and much more.

Infrastructure and Delivery
Total Send’s servers are located in New York cloud-based data centers. Combined with Port25′s PowerMTA, the most powerful email delivery engine on the market, Total Send can handle over a million email deliveries per hour.

And a whole lot more!

When you use Total Send you won’t have to worry about your email campaigns not reaching your subscribers, or left wondering if you’re sending effective emails, or sending out generalized emails to EVERYONE instead of segmenting it.

So if you’re a business with a list of 5000 subscribers or fewer, you should get Total Send NOW for only $89!

It’s for 6 months of unlimited emails to 5000 people which would normally run you $228 but you can get it for a Sumo price this week only!

The “Food Market” Chief Sumo

P.S. If you sign up and decide you need a bigger plan, you'll have the option to apply the full value of this deal ($228) to a larger Total Send plan!

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