Who else wants to save time and stay productive?

When you can accurately track your time, you waste less of it. Time Doctor allows you and your team to track their time so they stay focused on what's important.





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How much time did you spend on important work today?

An hour? 10 minutes? Or was it “all day” but in reality you only sent out one email and 20 Facebook comments in between writing answers on Quora?


Snap out of it, Sumo-ling!

We’re all for playtime in between work because we actually believe it helps productivity, but there’s a limit, as with everything.

Having someone micro-manage you can seem a bit out of line, but without being reminded, actually getting work done instead of watching Ray William Johnson on YouTube can be a difficult task all on its own.

Wanna know a secret?

This Sumo doesn’t magically get into Zen mode and go full palm blast with productive juiciness...

I get a little help from TimeDoctor.

TimeDoctor will monitor everything you do during your work session (securely of course).

Every time you set up a task, time is tracked separately-- tasks can be matched with a project so you can track exactly what you’re doing on which project (or client).

When activities like spending excessive amounts of time on YouTube, online newspapers, or other non-work-related sites are detected, TimeDoctor will check to see if you’re still working with a friendly little pop-up message.

It’s great for teams working on projects and keeping everyone on track (without the awkward neck breathing).

You’re happy, your team is happy, and your client is really happy.

TimeDoctor silently records application and Internet usage for all users during work time.

Managers also get a report once per week, which includes time spent on emails, chat, websites visited and application categories used. (Trust ol’ Uncle Sumo, you WANT your managers to have this report, because when you do awesome work, there’s definitive proof.)

Individuals get the same report outlining their own time usage stats.

The “Time Usage Report” helps you find productivity issues, so if you're a developer and you're only spending 10% of your time on development, you can figure out where your weaknesses are and get back on track.

Kind of like how this Sumo spends a little too much time checking out taco shop menus when I should be actually eating. It’s hard to stay productive and keep up this figure.

So TimeDoctor can show how well, or how bad I am at staying focused, and show me where I need to start eliminating useless tasks.

Okay, now some of you might be thinking, “Uhh Sumo... this sounds A LOT like RescueTime.”

And it is like RescueTime, but where the similarities begin, they end there as well.

Both rely on a client-side software package installed on your computer to monitor computer usage coupled to a remote server that can generate reports and tracks “personal productivity” – or more precisely, productive time.

RescueTime tracks computer usage silently in the background and can be configured to block websites, while Time Doctor encourages users to manage their daily priorities and tracks time spent on particular tasks.

RescueTime requires no effort to use once installed, whereas TimeDoctor is interactive by design.

RescueTime won’t give you friendly reminders to stay on track. You need to remind yourself, and that can be mentally taxing sometimes.

TimeDoctor is NOT for everyone, but if you want to stay on track, it IS for you.

So if you want to start being more productive, get useful time-billable tracking, or just need to be watched over without being watched over, you should get started with TimeDoctor TODAY.

We’ve got a 6 month membership for 3 users for $49 (normally $180) that you can start using right away, but if you don’t pick this up before the deal ends, then you’ll miss out and have to pay the normal price (which is very un-Sumo-ling of you).


The “Deal Crushing” Chief Sumo

P.S. Here’s what you get:

● 3 Users (+ 1 Free Manager Account)

● Unlimited Projects/Tasks

● Unlimited Storage

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