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This Sumo likes to stroll through the WordPress themes shop every now and then to see what yummy deals he can pick up...and I just found one new tasty theme site that was right up my alley.

It's a NINJA.

No...seriously...it's the WP Ninja!

Sumo says "hey-ey!"

Crunch on this: A premium WordPress theme store with clean, crisp, colorful themes and they're made by a Ninja? That's music to my...er...belly...

Sumo-ling is hungry to learn more, Sumo shall feed your appetite:

  • WP Ninja has 15 custom-made themes, all WordPress 3.0 compatible!
  • They're Modern and stylish designs (not your granny's ancient themes)
  • It has a Google Analytics ready code
  • Includes The WP Ninja code framework
  • Each theme comes with unique features so no theme is exactly alike!

Your appetite for theme customization changes, so The WP Ninja made sure that every theme comes with it's own flavors. The themes have a built in custom admin interface that lets you change almost everything in the theme. Enable or disable elements, change or disable content sliders and so on. No HTML knowledge is needed to customize the theme! These really are unique styles.

Now these themes are usually $19 A PIECE, but Sumo-san waddled away with ALL of their themes for only $49! You're getting all of them at a HUGE DISCOUNT!

So feed your hunger for a great deal and grab these themes before they're all gone!

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