Learn the CSS tricks and techniques the experts are using every day and start designing better sites.

Rachel Andrew is back with a new 4th edition of her bestselling CSS masterwork—The CSS3 Anthology: Take Your Sites to New Heights. It’s chock full of the best tips, tricks, and techniques that the experts are using every day to design top-tier websites.





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Are you tired of designing crappy-looking websites?

Do you look through galleries of amazing web designs only to look back at your own site and feel like something (or a lot) is missing?

Do you want your sites to look so good they jump through the monitor and smack your users across the face, leaving them wanting to dig down deeper into your content?

Lemme ask you this, Sumo-ling: when’s the last time you came across a site that looked so good, so clean, so vibrant, so amazingly pretty that it just left you thinking, “hoooly crap—this guy really knows what he’s doing…”?

Probably happens a lot. Maybe even today.

You know what those guys have that makes their designs so hot? They’ve got a SOLID handle on designing websites using the latest CSS tricks and techniques. They know how to do things like:

● Design advanced layouts using CSS3

● Create layouts that look good on any device

● Sidestep any compatibility issues with older browsers

● Even make forms and other complex interactive elements look snazzy

You know how they learned all that stuff and became a CSS pro? Simple—they learned from a pro, and you can, too.


Well, it just so happens that this fat Sumo was having lunch with a real CSS pro just the other day.

I’m talking about Rachel Andrew, a leader in the web standards community and a web development guru. You might recognize her from her successful web development company, edgeofmyseat.com, or her ULTRA-SUCCESSFUL and WILDLY POPULAR series of books, The CSS Anthology.

Well, we weren’t just having lunch to shoot the breeze, we were celebrating the release of the new and improved version of her masterwork:

The CSS3 Anthology, 4th Edition:

Take Your Sites to New Heights

Rachel’s teamed up with the folks at SitePoint once again to bring you THE go-to resource for the latest in CSS. This 4th edition of her bestselling book is a super-practical compilation of answers, how-to’s, and examples for all of your CSS questions. It’s designed to be a guide for everyday use and comes loaded with ready-to-use downloadable code examples.

So then it’s just another CSS handbook, then? Throw it on the pile…

Not quite, Sumo-ling. This is the most complete CSS question-and-answer collection around. The CSS bible, if you will.

This edition gives you more than 400 pages of cookbook-style info aimed at developers who want highly practical, best-practice solutions to their CSS problems—complete with downloadable code that you can adapt to use in your project, right now.

You’re not gonna find 400 pages of bland theory—this isn’t Web Design 101: Intro to CSS (although Rachel does take a little time to go over the basics). Instead, you’ll get the tips, tricks, and solutions that she uses every day, all written around overcoming a specific obstacle or solving a specific problem.

With this book, you’ll get a solid education in the CSS techniques and applications that the pros are using right now, along with a good look at what’s happening on the cutting edge. Stuff like a thorough look into the new world of CSS3, how it works with both new and old browsers, and how to design responsively around all sorts of devices.

Here’s a quick overview at the kinds of stuff Rachel covers in the new edition:

Chapter 1: Making a Start with CSS

A little brush-up on the basics of CSS. Use it as a quick primer, or as a reference guide as you work on your own projects.

Chapter 2: Text Styling and Other Basics

Techniques for formatting and styling text in your documents. Things like sizing, colors, highlighting, and removing extra whitespace around elements.

Chapter 3: Images and Other Design Elements

Ways you can combine CSS and images to make striking visual effects, like applying a background image to an element, creating a gradient, and positioning text with images.

Chapter 4: Navigation

Designing good-looking, usable navigation with CSS, including image-based, tabbed, and list navigation.

Chapter 5: Tabular Data

Using tables for their true, intended purpose—displaying tabular data, like stuff contained in a spreadsheet. Except yours will be usable and nice-looking.

Chapter 6: Forms and User Interfaces

How to add a little extra design oomph to your forms and data entry interfaces, along with some of the ways HTML5 is simplifying form-configuration.

Chapter 7: Cross-Browser Techniques

How to make the latest CSS techniques work in old browsers and how to troubleshoot when something’s not working. Also, how to integrate CSS3 selectors and HTML5 elements into older browsers.

Chapter 8: CSS Positioning Basics

The age-old art of positioning, including how to use floats, margins and padding, text-wrapping, and thumbnail galleries.

Chapter 9: CSS for Layout

A load of layout techniques, with an introduction to responsive design, like how to make both text-heavy and image-heavy layouts render smoothly on just about any device.

This book was written with you in mind. No one’s got time to wade through hundreds of pages of dry theory and debate about the history of everything. No one wants to crack a book and see “From the dawn of time…” No. They wanna see “Here’s what you need to know right now, and here’s how to use it for the task at hand.”

And that’s just what this book delivers in spades. What you need to know right now so you can start designing the awesome-looking sites you’ve been wishing for.

So…while this Sumo and Rachel were at lunch talking about her new book, we…got a little carried away with the martinis. And while I think 6 is a perfectly reasonable number of lunch drinks, the looow price Rachel’s letting me sell her book for might say otherwise (not everyone has my Sumo-sized tolerance). So low a price, in fact, that you really oughta get your copy quick before she realizes and changes her mind.

Until then, this Sumo’s giving you the BIG hookup on this CSS bestseller. For a short time, you can get a digital copy of The CSS3 Anthology: Take Your Sites to New Heights for the absurdly low price of…

JUST $19.

That’s the brand new edition of Rachel Andrew’s CSS bestseller, in PDF format, along with downloadable ZIP folder of all the code examples from the book, for just $19.

If you’re serious about designing websites, and wanna get better and better at it, this is one tool you can’t afford not to have in your arsenal. Grab it while it lasts.


The Chief Sumo

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The CSS3 Anthology, 4th Edition

this book is worth its weight in gold! juicy/niiiiiiice!!

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