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66 sensational premium WordPress themes for how much?

Olman Quesada
Olman Quesada

March 14, 2017

TeslaThemes is giving you lifetime access to some of the best themes on the market

Here's the thing about WordPress themes: Everyone wants their WordPress themes to be beautiful.

But, beautiful WordPress themes cost A LOT of money.

So you're either forced to cash in your 401(k) for WordPress themes or use unimpressive, generic ones.

Until now.

Meet TeslaThemes.

Lifetime Access to TeslaThemes

TeslaThemes creates spectacular Premium WordPress Themes that take ordinary websites from "meh" to "my god that's sexy."

These multipurpose themes have clean designs, are packed with powerful features, and are ideal for literally anyone (bloggers, developers, creative agencies, business owners, and the churro guy on the corner).

Currently, TeslaThemes offers 66 Premium WordPress Themes and also adds another 1-2 each month. (You won't have to worry about your clients ending up with similar websites.)

TeslaThemes' themes are fully customizable, so you can personalize the look and feel of each website to guarantee needs are met. (All PSD files are included and can be edited/modified.)

And don't worry, you can customize themes without advanced knowledge of web development. (Sometimes all you need is just one click to update your WordPress Theme!)

Whether you are on a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop, your page will always be beautiful because layouts adjust to the device's screen resolution.

Lifetime Access to TeslaThemes

Generally, TeslaThemes charges users $48 per theme or $199 for lifetime access to all of their themes.

But today's deal is bringing you lifetime access for much less than that.

This AppSumo deal will give you lifetime access for just $39!

(This is less than what they charge for one theme!)

Remember: This is for access to all current AND future themes! A few themes on the horizon: Music Radar (music theme) and It's A Wrap (video-blogging theme).

However, you don't have forever to claim your code.

So get yours now!

Your lifetime access to TeslaThemes is right here!

Lifetime Access to TeslaThemes

Here are a few more reasons why TeslaThemes is right for you:

  • Extensive Documentation. These WordPress themes come with extensive documentation that include snapshots and step-by-step instructions. (Meaning, you will not be left in the dark.)

  • Free Updates. That's right. Anytime there is a new theme available, you'll be able to update right from your WordPress dashboard!

  • Top notch support. You will have a dedicated team of professionals that is ready to help. You'll also have access to a support forum.

For those of you constantly trying to cut corners, just know that the free alternatives will limit you greatly in the customization of your themes.

Lifetime Access to TeslaThemes

I still can't believe we got you lifetime access to 66 Premium WordPress for only $39.

And I can't believe you are actually still reading this email like you need more reasons to get this deal.

You better snatch up this TeslaThemes deal because these codes are going to fly.

And if you miss out, you are going to be kicking yourself in the butt.

Click here for LIFETIME access to TeslaThemes!

$39  $199

Starts In

Lifetime Access to TeslaThemes

  • Access to 66 beautiful WordPress themes and all future themes
  • Access to all PSD files for customizability and extended documentation on all themes
  • One Year Technical support and a dedicated support forum
  • Lifetime developer license & can be used on unlimited domains
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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