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Announcing the new CEO of Sumo Jerky ...

Noah Kagan
Noah Kagan

October 22, 2013

Learn about why he stood out and what you can learn to become your own CEO

I made $1,000 and started Sumo Jerky in 24 hours using the framework for starting a business that we teach in our How to Make a $1,000 a Month Business course.

I am 100% focused on AppSumo so I can't run Sumo Jerky but I gave y'all the opportunity to apply to take it over.

Hundreds of you applied and sent in some amazing applications.

But ultimately, we picked Ryan Luedecke to run the business.

Ryan and I sealing the deal and eating jerky

Ryan and I sealing the deal over some delicious jerky together.

He has a corporate job but proved himself because he actually went out and started his own jerky company called Keto Jerky by following the steps I used to start Sumo Jerky.

When we met with him, he already had 30+ paying customers, $762 in sales, and was even getting calls and texts from his customers during our first meeting.

Here's what helped him stand out and what you can learn:

1. Start with family and friends first. Some of you said it wasn't fair I got so many sales with Sumo Jerky because I have a relatively large circle of friends. Ryan has gotten 27 customers just by reaching out to his friends and family, and he only has 29 Twitter followers!

2. Referrals are one of the easiest ways to get MORE customers. After he got a customer, he would ask them if they had any friends who also liked jerky.

He even reached out to his Dad to refer him to new customers. Just with this email he got 2 new customers:

Ryan's referral email to his dad.

Smart thinking!

3. There are a ton of free marketing channels out there (reddit, LinkedIn, etc.). Ryan got 6 new customers just by posting on Reddit in targeted subreddits (r/keto, r/paleo, /r/jerky) about his jerky. Many of you said you would need marketing money to get more customers for Sumo Jerky. Seek out these hidden and free marketing channels before spending money on ads, etc.

4. Doing what you love makes it easier to become successful. Ryan is a jerky freak and knew about tons of different types of jerky. His wife even complained to us that their kitchen is filled with jerky, sorry! In his application he recommended 5 different jerky's to use for the next shipment of Sumo Jerky.

Ryan tasting different jerky around Austin

He drove all around the city to jerky places like this. Dedication!

5. Find out where your most valuable customers are. Ryan (just like I did) saw that the most valuable customers were offices because they already buy snacks and have expense budgets. He proposed growing Sumo Jerky by first reaching out to local startups in Austin and selling them jerky as office snacks. Genius!

6. Don't waste time building a fancy website or buying business cards etc. He used my tip (Search “godaddy” online and then click their ad to get a domain for only 99 cents.) to get a website for only $2 and only spent 30 minutes putting up a landing page. Focus your time on getting your first customers before getting fancy.

Like many people (myself included), Ryan has failed in starting a business in the past. He spent tons of time and over $4,000 on a dating ebook business that failed.

With Keto Jerky, he learned that validation is important when starting a business. He focused on getting his first 3 paying customers before spending any of his own money.

Now his inbox looks like this:

Ryan's Jerky Inbox

Ryan's in our How to Make a $1,000 a Month Business course and used the framework we teach to start Keto Jerky, which he'll be combining into Sumo Jerky.

He's on his way to a new life ever since he took the jump and started his own jerky business.

We want to get you started with your own business today.

We'll give you the blueprint, individual attention, and access to a private community of 3000+ entrepreneurs, to start your business today.

Not only that, but if you buy the How To Make A $1,000 a Month Business course before tomorrow, Wednesday at 11:59 PM CST, I will hold an exclusive webinar next week just for you and answer any questions you have about starting a business.

What's stopping you from starting right now? Click here and become your own boss today.

P.S. If you love jerky and would like delicious, healthy beef jerky delivered to your door every month, click here.

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