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This is the most candid, honest, open collection of interviews you'll ever read on the founders of 33 different startups. Finding cofounders, hiring, growing users and revenue, staying motivated, pivoting, raising venture capital: it's all covered here in surprising depth in 280 pages.

You'll be inspired into action by reading about how founders got interested in entrepreneurship, how they dealt with problems all entrepreneurs face, and how they overcame the "trough of sorrow". You'll get inside the minds of founders who created today's most successful startups with rapid growth and strong revenue so that you can reuse the ideologies and tactics they used to stay ahead in the startup world. This book open sources the entire process of doing a startup, from the very beginning to the very end--use it and accelerate your own growth!

You'll hear Chief Sumo's first stories of entrepreneurship failure and other intimate tips to help your business.

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