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Normally $489.49
Normally $489.49
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A Bundle of Joy to Maximize your Business

50% of every sale goes toward The National Wildlife Federation cleaning up the recent Gulf oil spill

  • Regularly: $120
    Upgrade conversations to contacts with Batchbook
  • Regularly: $140
    MailChimp makes e-mail marketing and list management a breeze
  • Regularly: $25
    Be MOOnigue with your personalized business cards!
  • Regularly: $120
    FreshBooks is the fastest way to track time and bill your clients
  • Web Forms

    Regularly: $84
    Formstack makes creating online forms a breeze
  • BatchBook

    Upgrade conversations to contacts with Batchbook

    Create a flexible, easy-to-use contact database from scratch, or import your contacts from existing systems like Excel, Gmail, and Outlook. Log emails, phone call notes, or any other communications with your contacts. <a href="http://www.batchblue.com" target="_new" alt="BatchBook">BatchBook</a> can even create contact records from emails, saving a busy entrepreneur valuable time.

    Track specific information about your contacts using SuperTags to create custom fields that capture information that&#39;s important to your business (like customer birthdays, professional organizations and affiliations, or social profiles).

    BatchBlue&#39;s integrations with other SaaS companies (including Freshbooks, MailChimp and Gmail) make using your contacts your way even easier. From generating invoices to sending email newsletters to simply syncing your address book - one of our partners has you covered.

    What you get

    <em>6 months of BatchBlue DeepBlue service
    Support for up to 3 users
    Two hours of one-on-one consulting with an Onboarding Specialist
    Unlimited number of contacts
    Unlimited SuperTags
    5 GB online file storage
    Sync and partner integration
    Customizable web forms
    Customizable Dashboard
    Ability to assign access levels
    Free online training
    SSL encryption</em>
    <strong>Free and New users only</strong>

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