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How smart is your website?

Anton Sepetov
Anton Sepetov

August 18, 2014

Smart Bar is a brand-new and free tool that gets you more email subscribers

It's easy to get distracted with adding tons of stuff to your website ... Twitter feeds, big banners, moving images, search boxes, blah blah blah.

Making your website look like this:

Confusing-looking website

What in the ... ?

Yet all of these things don't make your website better and smarter.

You know what's smart? Getting the email addresses of your visitors.

Email is the best way to start a relationship with your visitors, educate them about your services, and turn your visitors into paying customers.

Today, we're here to make your website smart.

As part of SumoMe.com, we built a brand-new tool called Smart Bar which sits beautifully at the top of your website reminding your visitors to join your email list.

Check out this super-short vid Chief Sumo Noah made showing you why he loves Smart Bar:

Install Smart Bar here in only 37 seconds.

If you already have SumoMe on your site, install it with one click in the Sumo Store.

Here's how Smart Bar looks on AppSumo:

Smart Bar on AppSumo

Smart Bar rocks because you can:

  • Choose how often it shows (always, every minute, every day, etc.)
  • Have it show when a visitor scrolls up, scrolls with the page, or always stays at the top
  • Use pre-set theme colors to make your life easy

Not only that, but it works on EVERY kind of website, is completely mobile-optimized, and is 100% free.

If you're not collecting the email addresses of your visitors, you're not being smart.

Install Smart Bar now.

WordPress user? Download SumoMe for WordPress here.

Smart Bar (SumoMe app)

  • Fully customizable look.
  • Choose when you want Smart Bar to show for your visitors.
  • Customize the colors of Smart Bar.
  • Sync with your MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, or GetResponse account.
  • Get advanced if you'd like and paste in an HTML form.

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