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Some people stress waaayyy too much over starting a business. They want to do it....they've been CRAVING to do it.... but they never start their first tiny venture.

They often think something like starting an online store is too hard....until they come across something like Shopify.

Take 5 minutes, and with Shopify you....
1.) Type in the name of your store (which you can change anytime)
2.) Add a product (just write a description and price)
3.) BAM!! You're officially selling stuff online!

It almost seems unreal at how easy it is to start an online store today....and Shopify is at the top of the game in terms of features, ease of use etc....Checkout what the famous Gary Vaynerchuk said about'em:

"There's never been a better time to start a business. It's never been more practical. We've never had partners like Shopify allowing us to execute an e-commerce store so easily. I wish I had platforms like this when I was 25."
--Gary Vaynerchuk

I'd be a bad Sumo if I didn't list just SOME of the reasons Shopify is the best way to start an online store right-outta-the-box:

  1. Your store is already SEO optimized
  2. Ready to integrate with your Google Analytics account
  3. Ready to accept orders through your PayPal or Google Checkout account immediately
  4. Has a full Theme Store to customize your look (you get 29 pro-designed themes for FREE when you join)....or customize it yourself for you Designer Sumo's out there.

Get this....the Shopify plan today is normally $594 for a full 6 months...and considering this takes care of EVERY detail of your online store, that ain't bad.

But c'mon.....this Sumo can squash that price like a ....ummm..... hold on.... like a fat Sumo squashing a price!

If you've ever considered starting an online store, THIS IS THE DEAL TO CATCH!!

...and this only runs for a limited time. So act quick and grab Shopify at the Sumo-Squashed price!

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