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I once heard a little girl tell me "My dad does ESS EEYY OOOHH!"

Awww...how cuuute.....But hey little girl, does your dad know how to WRITE good copy for SEO purposes?

NO! Didn't think so! HA! Cause he hasn't read the SEO Copywriting eBook yet!!

::She starts crying::

A lot of startups will make pretty-shiny websites and spend a lot of time writing out their articles, blogging, guest posting, issuing press releases....but they don't know how to get the full SEO value out of it.

This means they're doing all the work, but not getting the full benefit.

They would be PRIME candidates to read the SEO Copywriting eBook by Ian Lurie (he's been doing online marketing for 13 years....that's before Google was even BORN).

Some stuff you'll learn in the book:

  • Plain language and understandable explanations about why and how search engines review your writing
  • The six rules for successful SEO copywriting
  • Guidelines for writing headlines that will attract both search engines and readers
  • Rules for writing good link text
  • How to create highly relevant 'clusters' of content on your site

Is this useful to you?

If you already write copy it is....because now you can write (and bill) your clients for SEO-purposed copy.

If you have a website, you better BELIEVE this is useful information (unless you absolutely hate getting better search engine rankings).

If you work on your company's website....knowing what to write is important, but knowing HOW to write it is crucial for SEO rankings.

If you want to understand how to get the full SEO value out of your online writing, checkout the SEO Copywriting eBook....we've got the price down to $5 for TODAY ONLY, so get it while it's hot!

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