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Olman Quesada
Olman Quesada

June 26, 2017

Salesflare's automation will help you close more B2B deals, faster

When it's your job to close sales, that is what you should be doing, not wasting hours inputting customer data into your CRM.

So this is your LAST chance to grab one of the 1,500 codes left for the most popular B2B CRM tool we've ever promoted!


Lifetime Access to Salesflare

That's a lot of tacos!

Salesflare frees you from the hours you would normally spend inputting data so you can focus on maximizing sales.

This intelligent CRM helps you do lots of awesome things, such as:

  • Imports customer contact info for you. No more wasting time updating address books. Contact information and social profiles are added automatically.

  • Sends you real-time alerts that let you know when customers are opening your emails, visiting your website, and which pages they are interested in.

Lifetime Access to Salesflare

From contact info to engagement activity, Salesflare has got you covered.

  • Keeps a record of meetings and calls by connecting to your calendar and mobile phone.

  • Maps out your sales assault by showing you what is due and how you can get it done.

  • Organizes documents and other files.

  • Offers Zapier integration or the capability to build on the API.

  • Gives teams the ability to be in sync with one another by showing everyone who talked to who and about what.

My favorite feature is being able to use Salesflare right from Gmail on my desktop.

So many Sumolings have had fantastic things to say about Salesflare. Here are just a few:

Lifetime Access to Salesflare

Lifetime Access to Salesflare

Lifetime Access to Salesflare

::Oprah Voice:: "And you get a WOW! And YOU get a WOW! And YOU get a WOW!"

Without this deal, you're paying $360 every year for this superb sales tool.

Which is why you need to bust your butt to beat the timer!

If you beat the timer, you're getting lifetime access to Salesflare for just $39!

This deal will expire once the codes are sold out. (We mean it, Janice.)

Start maximizing sales now!

Click here for lifetime access to Salesflare!

P.S. The Salesflare team will help with any importing and integrations. (They are a really nice bunch.)

$39  $1,800

Amount Remaining

Lifetime Access to Salesflare

  • Lifetime access to Salesflare for yourself
  • 50% off the usual price for additional team members
  • Free help by the Salesflare team with imports and integrations
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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