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Are you ready to put your social media on autopilot?

Olman Quesada
Olman Quesada

November 8, 2016

Never worry about what to post next with this lifetime deal

Back when I was running the marketing department for a startup, I hated managing the social media.

I knew how important it was for connecting with fans. But it’s also a huge pain-in-the-Kardashian: constantly finding cool things to post, adjusting for each platform, and remembering to be consistent.

I even tried outsourcing it to an intern… he didn’t last long.

"Why can’t there just be a simple way to find awesome content that posts automatically?!" I would shout to my computer.

Well, there is now…

Meet PromoRepublic.

Lifetime Access to PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic allows you to easily find and post the perfect content across social media accounts without wasting time scouring the interwebs.

They have a library packed with customizable templates of ready-made posts! (All templates are handcrafted by agency-level professionals.)

Lifetime Access to PromoRepublic

Not only does PromoRepublic come with tons of templates and an easy-to-use graphics editor, it also has a Calendar of Content Ideas that will solve all of your “what should I post today” issues.

Lifetime Access to PromoRepublic

Lifetime Access to PromoRepublic

(The Calendar of Content Ideas comes full of daily facts, holidays, and other ideas!)

And if that wasn’t enough, PromoRepublic saves you time with its Automated Posting feature. (All you have to do is set the time and frequency, and voila!)

Lifetime Access to PromoRepublic

Three simple steps to scheduling and posting your content

For all this awesomeness, you’d expect a tool of this caliber to cost a sexy penny, right?

Well, PromoRepublic usually charges $336 per year for their Start Plan.

“So if that is what they usually charge, what kind of deal do us Sumo-lings get?”

Well, today, Sumo-lings can whip out their VIP card and get access to the PromoRepublic Start Plan for only $25!

But get this, it is a LIFETIME deal!

$25 will allow you to…

  • Connect up to 5 social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • 1,000 professionally designed templates that are updated weekly!
  • Drag-and-drop template editor to easily customize your posts.
  • Optimal timing tool to post automatically at a right time.
  • Integrate with Buffer, Hootsuite and HubSpot.

And yes, this is lifetime access!

Click here to grab the Start plan for just $25 lifetime!

And if you’re working with a team and need some more horsepower, we’ve got something special for you:

Access to the ‘Small Team’ plan so you can add a team member, connect 30 social media accounts and choose from 1,500+ professional templates.!

The average antelope is paying $931/yr for this Small Team plan.

But since PromoRepublic loves you, you’ll get lifetime access to the Small Team plan for just $49!

Click here to grab the Small Team plan for just $49 lifetime!

Check out what these PromoRepublic users had to say:

Lifetime Access to PromoRepublic

Lifetime Access to PromoRepublic

How does PromoRepublic separate itself from the competition?

First, they offer specific social media content suggestions (other companies just offer generic templates).

With PromoRepublic, you can also add an unlimited number of posts to your schedule. Other companies have tight post limits.

Also, that Calendar of Content Ideas we talked about earlier? You won’t find that anywhere else. (You’ll never miss another National M&M day!)

Oh, and being able to schedule automatic posting across platforms? Another feature the other guys won’t offer.

Lastly, PromoRepublic lets you track your effectiveness with post analytics! You’ll quickly see what your audience responds best to.

Lifetime Access to PromoRepublic

So if you’re looking to easily automate your social media for life, you NEED this PromoRepublic lifetime deal!

You won’t find a social media marketing company out there willing to give you this kind of VIP access.

I assure you.

But, just like tacos at 2 AM, this deal won’t last long.

Spend just one hour a month on social media - a true set it and forget it system. Get PromoRepublic today.

Click here to grab the Start plan for just $25 lifetime!

Click here to grab the Small Team plan for just $49 lifetime!

$49  $2,793

Starts In

Lifetime Access to PromoRepublic (Small Team Plan)

  • Content calendar with integrated hand-picked post ideas for every day.
  • Library of editable post templates hand-crafted by agency-level professionals.
  • Easy to use graphics editor to customize templates and create awesome posts from scratch.
  • Automated posting to social networks with integrated optimal timing tool.
  • Statistics to track your growing effectiveness.
  • Bonus: Video Course & eBook.
  • Additional team member.
  • Up to 30 social media accounts
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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