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24 hrs left to automate your social media

Olman Quesada
Olman Quesada

November 14, 2016

Get professionally curated content automatically posted across your social media accounts

The last thing you want to do is spend hours every day posting to social media.

But it can be an amazing tool for growing your business.

What’s a Sumo to do?

Weep no more, my tender cherub.

PromoRepublic is the answer to all your social media woes.

Lifetime Access to PromoRepublic

Using PromoRepublic is like hiring a full-time social media manager… without having to buy Girl Scout cookies from her niece every year. (Mmmm, Thin Mints).

With PromoRepublic you'll be able to easily find and post the perfect content across social media accounts without wasting time scouring the interwebs.

When we launched PromoRepublic last week, you Sumo-lings pounced on it!

Lifetime Access to PromoRepublic

Lifetime Access to PromoRepublic

So, what’s all this hooting and hollering about?

Well, check out this jackpot of social media goodies that you'll get with PromoRepublic:

  • A library packed with 6,000+ professionally designed and customizable posts and templates
  • An easy-to-use graphics editor to create your own sexy posts
  • A calendar of content ideas (so you never miss a good opportunity)
  • Automated posting to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin
  • Integrations with Buffer, Hootsuite, and HubSpot

On any other day, you’d be paying $336/yr for the PromoRepublic Start Plan.

But today AppSumo is bringing you the Starter Plan for just $25 for LIFETIME ACCESS!

Click here to grab the Start plan for just $25 lifetime!

And if you’re working with a team and need a bit more kick in your coffee, just grab yourself the Small Team plan.

The Small Team plan lets you add a team member, connect 30 social media accounts, and choose from tons of professional templates!

Normally, the Small Team plan runs you $931/yr.

But since PromoRepublic loves you, you’ll get lifetime access to the Small Team plan for just $49!

Click here to grab the Small Team plan for only $49 lifetime!

Spend just one hour a month on social media - a true set it and forget it system. Get PromoRepublic today.

$25  $1,008

Starts In

Lifetime Access to PromoRepublic (Start Plan)

  • Content calendar with integrated hand-picked post ideas for every day.
  • Library of editable post templates hand-crafted by agency-level professionals.
  • Easy to use graphics editor to customize templates and create awesome posts from scratch.
  • Automated posting to social networks with integrated optimal timing tool.
  • Statistics to track your growing effectiveness.
  • Bonus: Video Course & eBook.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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