Crank out a landing page in minutes w/ Premise for WordPress

Premise is a WordPress Plugin that cranks out custom landing pages in minutes. All landing pages are tested to make sure they have the highest conversion rates.





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Please sit down for a minute and read this whole email if you sell ANYTHING online:

This will especially interest you if you use WordPress at all...because Premise makes landing pages from your WordPress site!


I'm gonna give you a Sumo-crash-course on landing pages and why you need one if you sell something online.

Without explaining all the science behind it...here's a REALLLY quick outline on landing pages:

  • Those "long and ugly" landing pages you see are frequently proven to be the highest converting sales pages on the internet.
  • A good landing page with a good video is usually even BETTER at converting sales than a normal landing page.
  • There's a certain way to write landing pages (which Premise guides you through with a "cheat sheet").

Basically I'm showing you that "Long, Single-Paged" landing pages usually SELL YOUR STUFF BETTER than a normal page.

The problem most people face is they don't know how to make a proper sales page.

There's a whole science behind it...but you can skip learning all that with a cheat sheet that Premise gives you (it tells you exactly HOW to write and what questions to answer for the customer that are PROVEN to get higher conversions).

Now A LOT of people are super-interested when I tell them they can create landing pages in a few minutes...INSIDE WORDPRESS...but they always have tons questions...so let's answer them right here:

Question 1: So what exactly is Premise? Is it a service I pay for?

Answer 1: Premise is software for WordPress powered by an incredible API. And you only pay a one-time fee for the software, copywriting advice, graphics, conversion optimization seminars and more. Once you're set up with Premise, you're ready to create amazing landing pages right from your WordPress admin area, and you'll never pay another dime after purchase.

Question 2: "But Suuumooooo...I already have a custom WordPress theme...I can't use Premise!!"

Answer 2: Shut your mouth hole...because Premise works independently of your current WordPress theme. So no matter what theme you use...you can still use Premise without funk-ifying your current layout.

Premise makes landing pages outside your WordPress theme...so no matter what you change on the landing pages...your WordPress theme is never touched.

Question 3: What if I don't have a full WordPress site...and just want a landing page for something I'm selling?

Answer 3: Guess what Bubba...Premise can be your whole site. Just install WordPress and the Premise plugin, and your site can be just one landing page (AND you can use Premise on as many sites as you want).



Ok...so Premise can make a Sales Page for you...but what if you don't necessarily sell something...but rather need a landing page for something else? Well fill your brain with THIS...

Premise makes ALL THESE kinds of landing pages for you instantly:

  • Sales pages
  • Content (SEO) pages
  • Pricing Table pages
  • Email Opt-In forms
  • Video pages
  • Tab Scroller pages
  • Thank You pages

Yea...that means if you have a WordPress site online...Premise is PROOOBABLY *hint hint* something you want for increased conversions on anything (sales, email opt-ins etc).

Think of how much Premise could help your site...and then think of the measly price we're selling it at right now.

This is a FANTASTIC value and a MUST HAVE plugin for WordPress (and your business)!

Make your first landing page within the next few minutes of clicking "Buy Now"

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Needs a lot of work especially in design

Premise was a plugin that sounded great. I installed it and played with it a bit, but got busy (1 person business) and didn't touch it for probably months. When I sat down to get serious with it, I realized that the pages it created were horribly designed, and I was going to have to create page designs myself using their interface. Not only that, but sales copy was laborious to tailor to my business, despite the ease of that being central to the product. Returned more than 60 days later after uninstalling; will never use it.

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