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Due to popular demand PPC Mastery Course is back

Olman Quesada
Olman Quesada

April 13, 2017

Become a Google AdWords expert in 30 days

Sumo-lings, how many different ways have you tried to lure visitors to your website?

You've tried social media, blog posts, newsletters, and even going door-to-door disguised as a Girl Scout.

Have ANY of these helped you increase your bank account?

Perhaps you've bought some of our SEO & ads deals like Serpstat, Adnabu, and Instant but you need some expertise in PPC (pay-per-click) to really use these tools to their full potential.

It's time you become a Google AdWords ninja and get certified with Jeffalytic's PPC Mastery Course.

Think about how many new customers you could get if you were the first website they saw? (Hint: A LOT.)

You can get better placement than even top SEO links using the Google's AdWords platform like a pro.

Lifetime Access to PPC (Google AdWords) Mastery Course

That is where you'll be. Right at the top.

This PPC Mastery Course will teach you how to effectively use Google AdWords in 30 days.

You will also be better prepared to become Google AdWords certified. (Add it to your LinkedIn profile and watch companies throw their money at you.)

Here is how you will benefit from mastering Google AdWords:

  • Stop wasting ad spend - Google defaults are designed to make you spend more. Jeff will teach you what settings to tweak - saving you tons of money!

  • Find New Customers - Being at the top of Google will bring you boatloads of new customers. These potential new customers are on Google because they have questions and you will be their answer!

  • Impress your clients - This course will help you become an AdWords certified professional.

Lifetime Access to PPC (Google AdWords) Mastery Course

Most of you are aware of how much Google AdWords courses are. (If you aren't, some of the in-person ones go for $1000+.)

The creator of this PPC Mastery Course, Jeff Sauer, typically charges $497.

But, Jeff and AppSumo go way back (we all went to computer camp back in '97).

So because of our close ties to Jeff, he has agreed to let Sumo-lings buy his course AGAIN for ONLY $39!

What a stand-up guy!

However, this sold out last time so move quickly.

Become Google AdWords certified in 30 days here!

Here is what some of the Sumo-lings that bought the deal last time had to say:

Lifetime Access to PPC (Google AdWords) Mastery Course

Lifetime Access to PPC (Google AdWords) Mastery Course

If you're thinking about using other trainings or free courses, you are going to be disappointed when comparing them to this one.

For starters, none of the other trainings/courses have Jeff.

He is basically the Jay-Z of AdWords.

In fact, he has managed over $20 million in online ad spend and generated BILLIONS in revenue for clients! (Not many AdWords teachers can make claim that!)

A lot of other courses will just teach "what buttons to push". But with Jeff's PPC Mastery Course you'll learn the actual strategies for getting your business (or client) the best results possible.

Lifetime Access to PPC (Google AdWords) Mastery Course

Look at this intelligent teddy bear in action.

Here is what you'll get with this deal:

  • 33 HD Videos

  • Lifetime access to the course materials - Google is scheduled to revamp their interface at the end of this year and Jeff will be following suit with PPC Mastery 2.0

  • Private forum access

  • 10+ bonus spreadsheets, worksheets, and downloads

Lifetime Access to PPC (Google AdWords) Mastery Course

Lifetime Access to PPC (Google AdWords) Mastery Course

For your knowledge, the course is about 11+ hours, broken down into 10-40 min. videos.

The PPC Mastery Course will give you the tools you need to benefit your business immensely.

And you know you aren't going to see a course like this for only $39 anywhere else.

Click here now for lifetime access to PPC Mastery Course for only $39!

P.S. There is a bonus mini-course for Sumo-lings looking to turn their PPC skills into a freelancing or agency business. Instructions will be provided with your purchase details.

$39  $497

Starts In

Lifetime Access to PPC (Google AdWords) Mastery Course

  • 33 HD Videos
  • Private forum access
  • 10+ bonus spreadsheets, worksheets and downloads
  • Lifetime access to all course materials and updates
  • Become Google AdWords Certified
  • Bonus PPC agency/freelancer mini course included
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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