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Quick, easy infographics so you can stop giving boring presentations.

Anton Sepetov
Anton Sepetov

December 6, 2012

You might love your PowerPoint slides, but nobody else does. Make your data tell a story with these quick, easy, and gorgeous infographics from Piktochart.

Psst ... hey, Sumoling. Come over here a minute — I gotta tell you something.

We're friends, right? Well, as a friend, there's something I need to let you in on. Everyone's been talking and, well, I just don't think you should be the ONLY one who doesn't know.

You know that big presentation you gave last week? The one introducing your company's hot new product that you gave to a packed room of prospects, media folks, and your two bosses? The one with the kickass 40-slide PowerPoint deck with all the charts, graphs, bullet lists, and market research that you spent so many days and nights preparing?

Well ... here's the thing.

Every single last one of those people was bored to tears.

They weren't listening to a word you were saying, their eyes were glazed, and they were just waiting for you to stop talking so they could escape your boooring clutches and eat lunch.

But Sumo! It was all there—if they'd just look at my pie charts and figures, they'd see that my company is doing it right and that our new product would knock their socks off!

I know, I know, my friend. I believe you, but the bad news is ... nobody else does.

You see, the problem with PowerPoint and other slide-based presentation tools is that they tend to rapid-fire a lot of information at you without really letting you come up for air. Couple that with a boring presenter who doesn't care about engaging the audience or, god forbid, the infamous “Slide-Reader,” and you've got a formula for boredom.

Here's some good news. Your last presentation sucked, yes, but I've got an easy way for you to knock your next one out of the park. A way for you to take all that data and info you worked so hard to compile, and put it in a format that people will actually enjoy reading.

Piktochart Infographics—a fun, EASY way to create online infographics that simplify your information and make it exciting for your audience.

Infographics are great ‘cause they turn raw information into a story for your audience. You still get to use all the data you painstakingly gathered, but present it in a format that's interesting—even fun—to look at. Using different design elements like colors, typefaces, shapes, and images, you can arrange your information into something that's designed well and flows smoothly. What you end up with is closer to a slick-looking movie poster than a typical slide presentation.

Here's the cool part: Piktochart gives you a full in-browser toolkit with everything you need to make a professional infographic in as little as 5 minutes. That means you don't have to be a pro designer or own expensive software like Photoshop or Illustrator to make expert designs.

Here's how it all works:

Step 1: Pick a theme.

They've got more than 50 infographic themes for you to choose from, each one with 6 unique color schemes. That's over 300 different combinations to get you started, and they're cooking up new designs all the time.

Step 2: Add custom text and images.

Once you've picked your theme, you have the freedom to move design elements, edit them, add your own, or keep them just like they are. The themes give you a huge head start in your design, but also let you keep granular control over the look and content.

Step 3: Save your masterpiece.

Once you've pinned down your design, export it as a static image (72dpi) for easy web sharing. As an added bonus, Piktochart's working on giving you the ability to save your infographics in a search-engine-friendly HTML format.

Step 4: Share it with the world.

One of the most awesome things about infographic marketing is how easily you can share them with your audience, and often get a greater response than other traditional methods. Use them to creatively announce a new product instead of using a boring old blog post or press release. Or use them as an inbound marketing tool to inform new leads and drive traffic to your site.

Whatever you use them for, you'll be able to turn hard data into engaging stories that your customers will want to read. And with Piktochart's online tools, it's quicker and easier than ever. And since you're a real pro, I'm gonna give you a service plan to match—Piktochart Pro. Here's what you get:

  • Access to ALL of the themes
  • Total control over color, font swatches, and other design elements
  • More image uploads—up to 100 of your images stored on Piktochart's server

A full year of this awesome service is usually an uber-bargain at $199. But, since we're pals and I know you've got bills to pay, I'm gonna give this one to you for the huuuugely discounted price of ...

ONLY $99!

That's just $99 for a full year of Piktochart Pro and everything you need to make gorgeously designed infographics that will impress your customers and make them respond.

This deal's going fast, so be quick and stop giving boring presentations!


The Chief Sumo

P.S. The folks at Piktochart are an innovative bunch—they're building some really cool ways that these infographics can become interactive survey and data-collection tools. Stay tuned here to see what they're working on.

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  • 1-year subscription to the Piktochart Pro plan
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