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You’ve scoured the web...

Poured countless hours into research...

Even took on some recommendations from your friends who are “social media experts”...

And found jack on an easy way to actually build and manage your business’ social media.

Well, you found jack in terms of finding a solution that does everything well, not just one thing.

You see, there are plenty of other tools out there that’ll help monitor your social profiles, and they do it really well, but generally for only ONE aspect.

What I mean is...

There are tools that focus on Facebook Fan page contests, or just designing tab icons, or creating a “Like to Reveal” tab (where you reward your Fan for liking your page with a special deal or exclusive content).

But there’s a tool out there that does all that and more, all in one place.

So you’re probably thinking, “Ok Sumo, I get it, I need an all-in-one tool, fine. What should I use almighty one?”

Yeah, good question Sumo-ling.

To answer that, this Sumo set out and contacted every single one of my contacts, slipped a few $1 bills into sweaty palms for information, and came finally came across GroSocial.

Which is idiotic on my part because GroSocial is actually a pretty popular platform for building and tracking social media campaigns.

They were featured in:

● TechCrunch

● Inc.

● The Wall Street Journal

● And more...

And have over 30,000 other smart businesses who use their service!

Talk about fat Sumo performance issues...

Easy To Get Started — Even Easier To Use

So here’s how it works and how you can get started within minutes...

Design It Your Way

● Start from scratch or use one of GroSocial’s great-looking professionally designed templates to create Facebook tabs, Timeline covers, Twitter backgrounds, and more, for all your social campaigns. With GroSocial's design tools, you're in complete control of your brand's social networking identity.

Give It Some UMPH!

● Using their drag-and-drop campaign builder allows you to create powerful viral promotions, sweepstakes, photo and video contests, and lead capture forms. Also use GroSocial to distribute coupons, cross-promote your company's other social networking accounts, and more, all in a matter of minutes.

Analyze & Improve

● In-depth analytics give you insight into which campaigns are working and which ones aren't. Everything from form submission to fan and follower sharing can be tracked for detailed analysis. Remember, always be improving, and to do that you need to measure religiously.

That’s it. No super complicated, highly expensive, “I have a bunch of secrets that are insider info only” steps to take.

Just build...please forgive me for this...and they will come.

Well you know, as long as you tell people about it, but that’s on you.

The point is Sumo-ling, you’ll never have to open separate browsers to use separate tools, or hire separate freelancers to build and manage your Fan Page.

GroSocial makes it incredibly easy to get started with the basics like creating a beautiful Contact Us tab, to more advanced tabs like Promos, Social Connect, even Photo Contests!

While you’re at it, use GroSocial to build a Twitter background and Timeline Cover so everything about your brand online is matching. It’s all done simply with a drag-and-drop editor so even the mail guy could hop on and make an awesome design from templates or completely from scratch..

And you won’t have to spend hours reading a user manual or figuring out what everything does. It’s pretty self-explanatory and easy to understand.

Oh right, and because no great service would leave you hanging without integrating other services to make life easier for you...

...their team has slaved away to partner with the best technology companies out there to make your marketing team's lives less stressful.

GroSocial comes complete with integrations with SurveyMonkey, Eventbrite, Wufoo, HubSpot, MailChimp, AWeber, PayPal, and more, allowing you to seamlessly sync up your social media marketing with your other sales and marketing efforts.

Makes this Sumo shed a tear of joy to know that services like GroSocial are out there filling the gaps...

It also makes this Sumo teary eyed to let you know that while normally when you get a year of GroSocial, it would run you $239.40...

...to make it bearable and because this Sumo sobs like a little girl who just had their Barbie head ripped off by rabid Ninja dogs, I’ve gone ahead and SMASHED the price down to only $119!

I did it...for you.

And because there are just a bunch of crappy Fan Pages and Twitter profiles out there.


The “GroMoFood” Chief Sumo

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