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Noah Kagan presents...

Noah Kagan
Noah Kagan

April 20, 2017

I want to talk to y'all about business, marketing, self-improvement and tacos

It's your boy, Rabbi Can't Lose a.k.a. Potato Latkes. a.k.a. Chief Sumo. a.k.a. Noah Kagan.

I get at least 15 emails a day asking me questions from "How do I become a better learner?" to "How do I embrace the chrome dome?"

And I've always been a huge fan of sharing knowledge, which is why I started opening up my kimono via my YouTube channel and podcast - where I share all my tips, tricks, and lifehacks that'll not only help improve your business, but your personal life as well.

I normally charge $1,500 for an hour of my time.

But... I heard y'all love lifetime deals. So I'm hooking y'all up with LIFETIME access to my YouTube channel for FREE.

And if you subscribe today, I'm even throwing in access to my podcast, "Noah Kagan Presents" as a bonus ;)

Here's what you get when you hit subscribe:

  1. Key lessons on success, dealing with failure, and facing jealousy with music artist Mike Posner
  2. "Behind-the-scenes" look at Tim Ferriss' life -- including how he promotes his products, manages his time, and stays successful
  3. Tactical advice on the best technology tools out there (like Slack, your iPhone, and Google Analytics)

Ha, so the AppSumo team asked if we could share some of the vids with y'all and I said - of course!

So here are a few of the AppSumo team's favorites:

How To Earn 6-Figures From Email Marketing - A behind the scenes look at AppSumo and their $100K+ email.

What I learned growing an 8-figure business - Curious about how to scale your business or startup? Here's everything we did to grow ours from 7 to 8-figures.

How to Hire Right the First Time. As with any business, hiring is crucial. I'll give you strategies that will ensure you aren't wasting your money on scrubs.

5 Tips to Optimize your iPhone. Wasting too much time on your phone? Tired of getting sucked into Facebook all day? That's why I created this baby.

Mac and Gmail Tips to Optimize Your Time. Email is one of the main tools that we use all the time. If you can increase your efficiency here, it'll have a HUGE downstream effect on your productivity.

I hope you found these as helpful as I had a ton of fun making them.

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If you want me to hang out with you in your car, be sure to subscribe to my podcast:

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Here's my favorite episode to help get you started:

Part 2: Behind the scenes of a 6-figure online business. An interview with my good friend, Neville Medhora, that covers everything from bad relationships to how Nev built a 6-figure copywriting empire.

Leave a comment and let me know which video was your favorite or what topic you'd like to see me cover.

I'll be hanging out and responding :-)

Love and tacos,


P.S. What are you still doing reading? Hit subscribe now so we can be BFFs!