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Mopapp makes mobile app analytics super-simple for seasoned pros and rookie developers alike. Instantly see data for all of your apps across every app store and mobile platform, all in one place.





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Congratulations, you hot-shot mobile app developer, you. This Sumo owes you some big fat props, ‘cause you FINALLY finished developing your awesome new mobile app and released it on the marketplace for the world to behold.

After months of sweat and late-night taco runs, you’ve pushed through the final approval and offered up your spit-shined code baby for the masses to buy and download. Your job’s done—now you kick back, start raking in the bucks, and join the ranks of Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, right?


This ain’t a “set it and forget it” kind of business, Sumo-ling. Now’s the part where you have to pay attention to how your app’s doing on the market, and what people think of it.

And that takes you paying constant attention to who’s buying it, where they live, where they’re downloading it from, what kind of mobile device they’re using it on, and basically measuring a bunch of other data points and sales reports to know how your baby’s doing. Downloading mountains of CSV files to look over customer transactions. Sifting through reviews across multiple app marketplaces to see what people like and hate. Important stuff, but it takes sooo much time.

But you already know that, right? It’s a sad truth that you’ve come to live with—it comes with the territory. But your rookie mobile developer buddy doesn’t know that. He just knows he’s a sick coder and wants to build an app. But he’ll probably keep putting it off, ‘cause he’s heard horror stories about the endless heaps of monitoring and measuring that come after launch day. He doesn’t know what all it entails, just that it’s gonna suck.

Well I’ve got news for you AND your scared little rookie friend—managing your mobile app’s analytics doesn’t have to suck. In fact, it can be pretty freakin’ easy.

The secret? Mopapp—an online platform that makes it easy to track and analyze all of your mobile apps’ sales and activity, spitting out easy-to-use reports that let you better know your customers.

Thing is, there are a LOT of mobile analytics services. Some are geared toward tracking iOS apps in the App Store, some are great for apps in the Android Market. But they fall short, ‘cause they can’t track and analyze apps sold in many different app stores, target toward many different devices. Good news is, Mopapp can.

Mopapp is a single analytics platform that works with most major stores, like:

● iTunes

● Android Market

● Windows Phone Marketplace

● RIM App World

● Handango

● MobiHand

● GetJar

And most major platforms, like:

● iPhone & iPad

● Android

● Windows Phone 7

● BlackBerry

● Symbian

It’s a versatile service you can use to simultaneously track dozens—even hundreds—of apps, pulling everything together into a clean central dashboard that lets you easily compare which platforms and app stores are really working for you.

Here’s a taste of just some of what this powerful tool can do:

Quick, flexible setup

Mopapp plays well with others. Just pick an app store out of that list of usual suspects, tell Mopapp which app you want to track, and it’ll immediately start pulling raw sales data into your dashboard for your slicing and dicing. Everything imports at least once daily, so you’ll always have an up-to-date read on how your apps are doing. Have your own e-commerce setup you want to use to sell your app on your own site? No problem—it comes with an API and manual CSV import to get you started.

Everything in one place

Quit slogging through sales spreadsheets from a bunch of different stores to get reports on your apps. Simply pick your most important outcomes—recent sales, revenue, profits—and see it all together on one page. At a glance, you’ll see which of your apps are doing well, in which countries, on which platforms, and in which stores. It’s got an arsenal of stock reports to show you, like sales by country or device. And if that’s not your thing, you can set up your own custom reports to show you only what matters to you.

Your bottom line, without the runaround

Mopapp doesn’t care that you suck at math. In fact, it’s glad you do, ‘cause it’s really, really good at math. It actually subtracts the commissions of each store and shows you your net profit, saving you the hassle of reading up on store rules and policies, or worse, building custom spreadsheets to calculate it yourself. As a bonus, Mopapp converts everything to a single currency of your choice, meaning no pesky conversions.

Easy ad reports

So you’re one of those nice fellas who offers your app for free and makes a little money from the banner ads? Good news—Mopapp integrates with AdMob, InMobi, Apple’s iAd, and is coming soon to a lot of other ad networks. That means you can automatically display your ad reports alongside your downloads, revenue, and profits, letting you see all of your moneymaking streams at once.

Helpful reviews

You wanna know what people are actually saying about your app, which is great, ‘cause Mopapp’s not just about downloads and sales. It aggregates customer reviews from all over the web in a single place—even translates them to a single language—so you can quickly scroll through and see what folks think. But it doesn’t stop there. While you’re off takin’ a nap, it’s crunching these reviews, ratings, and other customer data into a special Mopapp Sentiment Index score that quickly tells you whether your customer reviews are helping or hurting your app’s sales.

Bottom line, Sumo-ling, this thing is crazy-powerful. It makes that thing you’re dreading—the analytics, the measuring, the reporting, the analyzing, the interpreting—a snap. What you’re left with is good, solid data that you can work with. That you can use to better target your app. That you can use to make more money from all the hard work you’ve already put in.

The best part is, this fat Sumo’s been working hard, too. I had to call in some shady, back-alley-type favors to get this one, but I think you’ll like it. ‘Cause for a short time, you can get 1 full year of the Mopapp Professional Plan, in all its mobile-app-analytics-powerhouse-glory, for…

JUST $49.

That’s right, Sumo-ling—1 Year of Mopapp Professional for $49.

Give yourself a break—you’ve earned it. You owe it to yourself to make this part of your app biz as easy as it can be. But you gotta be quick, this one won’t last.


The Chief Sumo

P.S. Mopapp also works with 3rd-party in-app analytics, so if you’re already using Flurry or Google Analytics, you can now see their data alongside the rest.

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