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Joel Gratz of OpenSnow and ChanceOfWeather had very little experience in building an app.

When I say little...I mean NONE.

So when he launched OpenSnow...barely in time for the 2011-12 ski season, he had VERY LITTLE time to get a mobile app up and running to accompany his site.

He needed a solution...something quick and without having to pay a huge amount of money to a developer who would’ve taken weeks — if not months — to get a stable version ready.

Then Joel stumbled upon a little known secret...

He was able to build the app for himself within just a few days. And it wasn’t just any bare-boned app just for app's sake.

It incorporated directional push notifications with user preferences, skier-uploaded snow reports with pictures and resort-specific, real-time snow conditions.

Umm...yeah. Inconceivable, I know.

Ready for the secret?

It’s called MobileIgniter.

It’s an online platform to build your own iPhone and Android applications using their simple interface.

You can create forms, engage your customers, share on Facebook or Twitter, display YouTube videos and more all from your own app.

What used to take a huge book or expensive course on Objective-C to build mobile applications has now never been easier. You’re able to fully customize your app using nothing more than a web browser.

That means any business or individual who wants to offer a service in building mobile apps can do it with little effort, starting today.

MobileIgniter uses the MI Viewer application to test your app as you build it. You can show your app to potential customers, get feedback, integrate, and test again. There’s no TestFlight or side loading needed.

So you can get your apps into your users' hands easily and quickly without waiting for AppStore or Marketplace submission approval.

The best part? Live app updates.

You shouldn’t have to wait to resubmit your app to get it approved. Make any change you want to your app and it’s delivered immediately to every device your app is installed on.

And there’s virtually no maintenance required. In other words, your app is future proof.

So while iOS and Android may get updates, MobileIgniter will always be up-to-date as well as they’re constantly testing against new OS versions to make sure your app stays healthy and never breaks.

So if you’ve been looking for a way to get that app for your business or website up or you’re a freelancing developer who wants a way to easily create apps for your clients, there’s no better (or inexpensive) way than to go with MobileIgniter.

This Sumo just finished his 10th meal of the day and the tryptophan is kicking in now so I’m feeling generous...and a little too lazy to listen to the guys at MobileIgniter yak about how much they want to sell One year of their WHITE LABEL Plan for...

So I kept lowering the price down to $500 (normally $2499/year) until my Sales Sumo had to bind all my fingers in chinese finger traps...which is frustrating because I have to use the bathroom now...

Anyways! Get an entire year of MobileIgniter’s White Label Plan TODAY before time runs out!


The “Can Someone Help Me With My Zipper” Chief Sumo

P.S. - Here’s why the White Label Plan rocks:

● Preview On Device

● Deploy To AppStore

● Deploy To Android Marketplace

● Forum Support

● Basic Analytics

PLUS, with the White Label account, you can use your own branding and take all the credit for all the apps you make your clients.

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