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I’m trynna keep this short because I’m running out of time....

I was supposed to be writing the copy for this MediaLoot special, but I got distracted for the last two hours noodling through their damn site!

MediaLoot is one of those “Designers Dream” sites because you can browse through the (3,500 strong) collection and snag ANYTHING you see.

Go to MediaLoot and stare down the collection yourself...it includes:

  • Full theme sets (iOS apps, admin panels and more)
  • Web and UI design elements (buttons, layouts, ribbons, login boxes, sliders, etc...)
  • Icon sets fatter than this fat sumo
  • PSD Brushes
  • Print Packs (Including brochures, stationary, biz cards, etc...)
  • Vector objects
  • An unbelievable Texture collection

Not only that, but every download is already layered, organized and comes with instructions and source files ::BAM:: 4 EZ implementation.

Going through the MediaLoot library might actually turn some designers on. So open an incognito window and checkout some of those sexy vector curves....or the the smooootth legs on those textures.

One of the only things that holds people back from MediaLoot is the $288 price tag for the Elite Membership. While that comes to a fair $24/month, it's still not "AppSumo Lean."

So us Sumo's went to the MediaLoot website....
Gained SSH access to their servers.....
Hacked into the website....
Now the price is down to $89 for a FULL YEAR of MediaLoot Elite Membership Access! ;-)

Don't ask us how we did it (because it's totally illegal)....

Just grab the MediaLoot deal TODAY, because soon the nerds at MediaLoot will discover our hacked-price....and raise the price back up to normal (which is over TRIPLE the price of our deal)!!

Get it TODAY!

The Chief "Just-looted-MediaLoot" Sumo

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