Consumers are irrational buyers during the holidays. Learn holiday PPC strategies that WORK.

A PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing course to help you take advantage of the holiday season and make it a very Merry Christmas to you!





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Consumers are irrational people. They are insane during the holiday seasons.

If it weren't for my 502-lb, finely shaped (round is a shape, you know) body to stiff-arm these crazed shoppers, I'd be hiding out at home.

That's why I love the times we live in. All-you-can-eat sushi buffets, awesome deals for web geeks, and internet shopping.

There's something to be said about the internet and shopping online. It's an amazing time if you run an e-commerce store (and if you don't, you really should) because as of last year, 71% of all U.S. adults shop online.

There's just one problem with that tidbit of information...

Most people who DO run an e-commerce store don't take advantage of the holiday shopping season. ::tear::

Now, if I were a Sumo-Ling, and was looking to make some extra bukoo bucks, I'd probably sit my fat butt down and learn a few things from Brad Geddes of Certified Knowledge.

Brad has over 10 years of internet marketing know-how and is the author of "Advanced Google Adwords".

So when he speaks, I listen.

Or, I infiltrate Certified Knowledge's home office and kidnap Brad and make him spill all his secrets!

I'll let you be the judge of which action I took.

Let's just say we "convinced" Brad to do an online course for our Sumo-Lings for an insane deal.

Here's What He "Shares":


  • The unique psychology of holiday shopping.
  • The keywords that convert best for holiday search traffic.
  • Simple and effective tips for Google Ad Builder.
  • Essential strategies to maximize mobile bargain hunters.
  • How a shopper's goals evolve throughout the season.
  • How to manage your holiday advertising budget.
  • Why your campaign shouldn't end when the holidays are over.


  • How to choose the right landing pages for each of your ad campaigns.
  • Useful tests to run for your landing pages.
  • How to streamline your landing pages using page segmentation.
  • How to read landing page test data.

So be THANKFUL this Thanksgiving that Big Sumo has to hide out and lay low for a while for getting you this deal!

With these strategies from Brad you'll be able to maximize your potential sales this holiday season and hopefully make enough extra moola to help This Sumo make bail!

Alright, so before the "Authoritays" start knocking on my doors, I'm giving away this deal for $75 TODAY ONLY! Anytime after that and the price will jump up to $150! (Wayyyyy below This Sumo's bail!)

Click BUY NOW and start putting away for the "Free Chief Sumo" foundation!

The "I Jump So High For Thanksgiving I Get Stuck" Chief Sumo

P.S. We didn't want the authorities to know but we also "convinced" Bryan Eisenberg to share some secrets as well, like...

  • Why people are like beagles rather than hounds when it comes to scent.
  • How to craft the perfect headline.
  • Why design is as important for maintaining scent as copy and content.
  • Which metrics are good tools for measuring the strength of scent.
  • Why keywords are never to blame for low conversion rates.
  • How to effectively insert keywords into a landing page dynamically.

P.P.S. Well this is embarrassing...

We're trying to reduce our sentence, but we also "persuaded" Avinash Kaushik to talk about Paid Search Analytics. He's "giving" away more goodies...

  • Why and when you must tag your paid search campaigns.
  • How to generate URLs capable of being tracked in Google Analytics.
  • Why margin is a misleading metric reported in most analytics solutions.
  • Where to find the low hanging fruit in your paid search campaigns.
  • The fastest way to improve your paid search ROI.
  • The pan-session metrics you should be monitoring for paid search campaigns.
  • When a soft sell on a landing page is more effective than a hard sell.
  • Popular tools outside of AdWords that will help your improve your paid search campaigns.
  • Why competitive information is priceless.
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