Stop emailing design mockups like a n00b. Learn how easy it is to send your clients professional-looking mockups.

Spend your time designing, not sending mockups and waiting around for your client’s design approval. With Mail’ette you’ll be sending your clients great-looking mockups in a fraction of the time.





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The other day, I said to my designer friend, “Yo, buddy—you do pretty well for yourself. You make big bucks as a designer and you’re always talkin’ about how much you like your job. But there’s gotta be something you don’t like. Tell a sumo, what’s the hardest part? What frustrates you?”

He said back to me, with that you’re right, I am a super-awesome designer and everyone wishes they could do what I do tone, “You’re right, I am a super-awesome designer and everyone wishes they could do what I do. But my job would be even better—perfect, even—if it weren’t for the annoying clients.”

This Sumo was just about to clue him in to the dumbness of what he just said, when he kept going.

“It’s a big runaround every time I send them a mockup or design to look over and approve. They take so long to figure out how to open up the attachments I email them and get back to me with comments, that I lose time I could be spending designing and making money. I should spend my time making kickass designs, not waiting around for client approval so I can move on.”

Aaaaaaand scene.

If you’re a designer, Sumo-ling, you know what my friend’s talking about. You spend all night obsessing over a design, getting it just perfect and you send the mockup off to your client for review.

But you have to save down the file so it’s email-able, fumble with attachments, hope your client has the same software version so he can actually open it…and wait.

And wait…

And wait…

And when they finally do get back to you with feedback, their comments are so vague that don’t know exactly which part of your design they’re talking about and you have to make your best guess and move forward.

It’s a formula for miscommunication and wasted time. And you know what time equals, right?

Sooo…lemme tell you the rest of the story about my designer friend.

He was telling me all his woes of waiting on clients for design approval and I was playing him a sad, sad song on the world’s tiniest violin (figuratively, of course—this Sumo’s got kielbasa fingers). But I’m a benevolent Sumo, so I told him about…

Mail’ette—a slick online platform for sharing design mockups, tracking design approvals, and saving time.

It’s a double-whammy that makes this super-simple for you and your client. Here’s how it works.

Easy as Email

You know what’s not easy? Messing with files that are too large to attach and worrying about client-side compatibility issues. Know what is easy? Sending an attachment—doesn’t matter what type or how big—to Mail’ette, and letting them do the heavy lifting.

Just save your mockup, attach it to an email addressed to your custom Mail’ette user ID, and you’ll get a link to send to your client that has your design expertly laid out on a sharable web page. And it’s pretty much instant—I attached 5 hi-res jpegs as a test, fired off an email to Mail’ette, and I had by shareable link in my inbox in under a minute.

Quick Client Approval

It’s not just easier for you—it’ll make your client’s reviewing a lot easier and quicker. There’s no special login, account setup, or complex systems to learn. With no email attachments or special software or programs to mess with, your client can click a link, see your design as it’s supposed to be seen, and give their signoff.

You can easily add design notes for more clarity (here’s that revised logo design we talked about…I swapped out this banner image with the new one you gave me…) and keep the conversation moving. If things look good—and they will, ‘cause you’re awesome—your client can throw it back with an easy one-click approval. And don’t worry about missing any important details—Mail’ette keeps a clean record of all comments and notes for clear, stringent project management. Win and win and win.

Pretty cool, huh?

Well I’m not done, Sumo-ling. As a designer, you want things to look good right? Well you’re in luck, ‘cause you can easily add custom themes and branding to your pages so your clients see your logo and your design instead of some jarring third-party site. And if you need to integrate it into your existing site framework, you can add a custom domain to keep your clients in one place. Easy design approvals with the full agency experience.

After I told my designer friend about Mail’ette, he scraped together all those big bucks he’s pulling in and spent ‘em all on it. And he told me that even though he spent a FORTUNE, Mail’ette was totally worth it for all the time he spent on art approvals.

But listen here. You know I’m not gonna make you pay a fortune, right? Come a little closer—I don’t want anyone else hearing this. This Sumo was out on a taco run last night when I…“saw a bundle of Mail’ette Pro fall off the back of a truck.” So naturally, I’m gonna share the love.

For a short time, I’m gonna let you grab 1 full year of the Mail’ette Pro plan for the fell-off-the-back-of-a-truck price of…

JUST $39.

That’s Mail’ette on steroids. With Mail’ette Pro, you get UNLIMITED usage for yourself and 2 of your best friends—letting you send as many mockups to your clients as you want.

Usually something that makes things this quick and easy for both you and your clients takes some getting used to. But this cozies right into your existing workflow and makes you more productive. Happier designer, happier clients, more time for working, fewer headaches.

Do yourself a favor and grab this one now—it won’t last long.


The Chief Sumo

P.S. Here’s what a couple of veeery happy folks have said about using Mail’ette:

“Mail'ette has been a huge asset for our business. It completely gets around the problems caused by sending digital artwork in PDF format—our clients can view the concepts on screen so there's never any surprises for them (or us) after signoff. We love it and can't imagine what we did before Mail'ette came along!”

—Ben Beath, Creative Technologist

Mail'ette has saved me so much time. It's been perfect whether I'm sending mockups to clients or my design team. My experience with Mail'ette has been simply fantastic.”

—Emily Piteo, Graphic Designer

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Phil Alderson Rated 4 out of 5 tacos Rated 4 out of 5 tacos Rated 4 out of 5 tacos Rated 4 out of 5 tacos Rated 4 out of 5 tacos

interesting product, very easy to use. you get a personalised subdomain to use but there is a small Mailette tab on the proof page. So not totally white labelled. Good though. Nice Interface.

0 of 0 people found this helpful. Did you?   July 18, 2012

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