How not having your site load tested could cost you $185,755 in revenue

Load Impact lets you load test your website over the Internet. It’s a true On-Demand service, where you can start testing instantly.





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In June of 2011, Adam Baker of ManVsDebt.com and Karol Gajda of Gajda.com launched their second Only 72 Hour bundle sale which included informational products for entrepreneurs for only $97.

Everything together was valued at $1054...that’s 90% off!

It’s a crazy idea (adapted from an old school furniture store fire-sales tactic) that pulled in $187,755.

In just 3 days.

Pretty damn impressive right Sumo-ling?

It was an intense 72 hour, sleep-deprived, server-hitting, inbox-bombing event.

And they survived — luckily their server survived too with all the traffic they were getting.

You see, when the sale first launched, for the first 10 minutes, nothing happened.

It then turned into a trickle of visitors...then a stream...a river...then a goddamn flood of visitors rushed their site and their servers were hit hard.

And that’s what we’re talking about here today.

Your server. More importantly, your website's capability to handle such an influx of people reliably.

Do you KNOW if your server can handle such massive visits without breaking down and crying for help?

Karol and Adam would have lost a lot of interested customers if their site wasn’t equipped to handle it all.

After hearing about their experience with Only72.com, this Sumo started looking into load testing services to see which one would be best suited for our Sumo-lings (and the easiest to bargain with).

Then we found Load Impact.

The MOST popular load testing service on the Internet. No really, it’s true.

They have over 38,000 other smart people with active accounts, completed 559,782 tests, and they’re used by big companies like:


JWT Advertising (Fourth-largest advertising agency in the world)

Brille24 (Germany’s leading online-optician with customers in more than 115 countries around the world)

(Just to name a few...)

It’s load testing in the cloud...

● No installation required (SaaS)

● No license or hardware costs

● On demand — Load test now, from anywhere!

You’ll never have to install and set up your own configuration, you can load test from anywhere if you’re that on-the-go type business owner and it has the most intuitive interface — despite being packed with powerful functionality — among other load testing services.

So you don’t have to be a computer science engineer to understand what’s going on and where you can optimize your site for faster load times and protect yourself from a sudden visitor impact.

You’ll also be able to:

● Do large scale load tests to the count of up to 50,000 simulated users in a single test (So there’s no question if your site will hold up: 50,000 will either make or break you).

● Emulate different user types in a single test and get individual measurements for each type.

● Set up load generation from multiple geographical locations (Do your visitors come from mostly the same area? Set up a test to load strictly from there, or multiple areas simultaneously).

● Get real-time testing to watch and control your load test. Statistics counters, graphs, etc. are all updated every few seconds with new data that is coming in. This allows you to follow what is happening in detail, and to interrupt the test if something goes wrong.

● Generate power reports with multiple charts containing multiple measurement metrics for easy correlation.

● Advanced scripting. If you want to simulate advanced user behaviour on your site (for example, if you run an e-commerce site and want to simulate users logging in and buying things) there’s a load script API that can be used to control exactly what the simulated users do in the test.

● And soooo much more!

Load Impact helped JWT Advertising set up a test to confirm that the backend for a new campaign web site could handle the expected traffic of 120,000 visitors per hour...120,000 Sumo-ling, with successful results which led to a successful campaign.

Imagine what it could do for you, and the comfort it would give you knowing that your site is set up to handle such extreme loads.

So it won’t matter if you’re doing a 72 hour sale, launching a new campaign, or trying to identify and fix performance related problems with an e-commerce platform before going live — Load Impact has got you covered.

And this Sumo has got you covered with an awesome deal (unsurprisingly, Load Impact wasn’t easy to bargain with), to receive 100 credits which normally costs $225.

That’s enough credits to test your site (or any other site) 3 times with 1,000 concurrent, simulated users.

And we’re giving 100 credits away to you for ONLY $59!

But you gotta hurry and pick this deal up before time runs out! We can’t hold onto it forever (sad Sumo face) and the price will jump back up when the timer reaches 0.

Get your site load tested, be prepared, and don’t lose out on potential revenue Sumo-ling! Get Load Impact!


The “I’ll Show You Load Impact” Chief Sumo
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