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Normally $1,014
Normally $1,014
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The Ultimate Lean Startup Bundle for only $42!

This bundle includes everything you need to become a lean startup ninja

  • Regularly: $49
    Get the first copies of Eric Ries's new book: The Lean Startup. (reg. $49)
  • Regularly: $19
    The Venture Hacks Bible by Nivi & Naval (reg. $19)
  • Regularly: $29
    Hacker Monthly 12 Month Digital Subscription (reg. $29)
  • "new customer development ebook rocks..." - Andrew Chen

    Regularly: $25
    Entrepreneur's Guide to Customer Development by Patrick V and Brant C - ebook (reg. $25)
  • Regularly: $5
    Inbound Marketing Preview: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs (30 pages)
  • Read more about the book about here http://www.domorefasterbook.com. Buy full book here.

    Regularly: $5
    Do More Faster: TechStars Lessons To Accelerate Your Startup by Brad Feld & David Cohen(3 chapters)
  • Regularly: $5
    Running Lean Book (2 Chapters)
  • Regularly: $40
    Andrew Chen & Sean Ellis ebooks (reg. $38)
  • Finer Details - new or free customers only - Redeem Whenever

    Regularly: $267
    UserVoice - 3 months Bronze Plan (reg. $287)
  • Finer Details - This is for NEW customers only.

    Regularly: $200
    Chargify - Build Your Business, Not Your Billing System ($200 credit)
  • Finer Details - This is for NEW customers only.

    Regularly: $50
    Grasshopper - Sound bigger, more professional, and stay connected. ($50 credit)
  • Regularly: $108
    Scrumpad - 4 months - Build products that customers want (reg. $108)
  • Regularly: $60
    Sauce Labs - Run Pain Free, Faster Selenium Tests with No Config. (20 free hours)
  • Premium Benefits - 3 months of plus service for free ($147 value) - Unlimited messages to up to 100 users - One group "Text Messaging has been the most powerful and effective marketing tool I have ever used" - Nick Ramirez, ThingsThatGlow.com

    Regularly: $147
    TextMarks - 3 months - SMS Marketing Service and API with unlimited messages (reg. $147)
  • AskYourTargetMarket.com has created an impressive self-service target market research platform that anyone can afford. We are excited to make AYTM the market research tool of choice for our startups and now strongly encourage Founder Institute companies to utilize it. THEFUNDED.COM | Adeo Ressi, CEO

    Regularly: $30
    Ask Your Target Market - Serious Market Research at silly prices. (20 credits)
  • Simple, Pay as You Go Pricing. No contracts, no setup charges, and no shenanigans. You just pay for what you use.

    Regularly: $0
    Twilio - SOLD OUT - Working on a future deal with them
  • 5 FAQs about getting the most from 99designs Power pack upgrades attracts 185% more designers!

    Regularly: $85
    99designs - Free Power Pack Upgrade -Web & Logo Design (reg. $85
  • Eric Ries's The Lean Startup Book (pre-order) + ebooks

    Get the first copies of Eric Ries's new book: The Lean Startup. (reg. $49)

    <img src="http://www.appsumo.com/static/1285956966/images/eric-ries.jpg" />

    This is all-new material, and that those who buy the bundle will be among the first to get it. You'll be geting a hard-back book in the mail! Free Shipping worldwide.

    This is the ultimate resource for your lean startup. Comes out in the fall 2011.

    Also included is "Startup Lessons Learned: All Seasons" ebook

    <img style="float:left; padding-right: 10px" src="http://www.appsumo.com/static/1285956966/images/sll-allseasons.jpg" /><img style="float:left; padding-right: 10px" src="http://www.appsumo.com/static/1285956966/images/sll-season1.jpeg" /><img src="http://www.appsumo.com/static/1285956966/images/sll-season2.jpg" />

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