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Lander is the easiest-to-use landing page platform on the planet…I mean solar system….er, galaxy...ok, THE UNIVERSE!





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Get ready for some fast paced, action riddled, break-neck speeds in this crash course on landing pages (depending on your reading speed) and be prepared to have your mind....


Warning: Individual results may vary. Claims made in previous sentence may not reflect actual user experience.

Ok first off, if you don’t know what a landing page is...you probably should close this window, because this deal is probably not for you (unless you wanna learn something).

Still with me? Great! So check it out Sumo-ling...

5 times as many people will read your headline as opposed to your copy.

So you should probably spend a bit of time working on your headline before you begin on ANYTHING else with your landing page.

So here are 5 types of headlines to test on your landing page to get you started:

1. Benefit Driven - Clearly state the major benefit of your product or service

2. Offer Specific - Test different offers like free trials, guides, or just plain discounts

3. Question - Use for segmenting your prospects or users. You can try different questions that’ll lead certain types of users down one funnel and the other down another funnel. Think “Home Use” and “Office Use”

4. Direct - No cutesy/clever/funny/creative headlines here. Just get to the point. It’s not used as much as it should be.

5. Guarantee - Make a guarantee in the headline, like how this Sumo guarantees 100% of your money back for any reason, anytime before you die.

Now that we’ve gotten the hard part out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff. The easy stuff. The “I’ve never made a landing page before but everyone will think I’m a guru at online marketing” stuff.

Lander lets you design beautiful, high-converting landing pages, even if you’re not a designer.

Yeah, it’s true. You could absolutely SUCK at design (like this Sumo) and still come out with a nifty landing page that gets results.

It doesn’t matter what kind of action you’re trying to get out of prospects, Lander has you covered with...

Layouts For Any Conversion Goal

Lead Generation

Generate leads for your sales team, get prospects to download your white paper, watch your video, or sign up for your webinar!


If your email newsletter is your prime marketing vehicle, then you need as many people as you can to sign up for your newsletter. Use the Subscription layout to get more subscribers!


We all know sales don't happen automatically. You have to ask for the sale. Lander’s Call To Action layout helps you get your online visitors to do whatever you want them to do!

From Scratch

If you know exactly what you want in a landing page, and don't want to be boxed in by one of their pre-configured layouts, just start from scratch!

It’s super easy to get started. There’s just 3 steps.

1. Design

Choose a layout as a starting point, then customize it to create the perfect landing page. If none of the layouts meet your needs, create a layout from scratch.

Lander’s intuitive design tool is really easy to use – drag and drop any element you need: sign-up forms, call-to-action buttons, video widgets, and more

2. Publish

After you’ve designed your landing page, preview your landing page to see what it will look like live. When you're sure it's perfect, then it’s time to publish.

3. A/B Test

If your landing page is not converting like it should be, or your boss wants more leads from your online marketing campaign, there’s a Ninja trick that all the Internet marketing gurus use: the A/B Test tool. Create and test up to three different versions of your landing page. Change text, images, layout, call-to-action buttons.

And you’re done!


And it’s even easier to get started (with this Sumo's help) because Lander is offering their Small plan for just $89!

Oh right, and you’ll get it for an entire year! So you just pay one hell of a low price for one hell of a service for higher conversion rates and a way to show off your Ninja Marketing skills to your boss and friends.


Here’s What You’ll Get:

3k Visitors per month

Unlimited Landing Pages

5 Custom Domains

Unlimited Forms

● Analytics with Google

● Widget Social Integration

● Email Marketing Integration

● Support Email & Phone

Remember, this deal is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. So you’ll have to hurry if you wanna pick this deal up before it ends, otherwise you’ll have to pay full price, and that’s a big NO-NO in this Sumo’s book.


The “High Food Conversion” Chief Sumo

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