3 mini-books that provide a “cheat sheet” for quick FB and Twitter marketing + Google Website Optimizer

These are dead-simple, boiled-down-to-the-meat guides (no more than 15 pages each) on Facebook Marketing, Google Website Optimizer, and Twitter Marketing.





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In school didja ever read "Cliffs Notes"?

They are like "mini-summaries" of long books (mainly for lazy-ass students).

Instead of reading the whoollee draawwnnn ouuuttt book, you’d just read the Cliffs Notes and get the point in MUCH less time.

I recently gave a friend a thick book on social media marketing...and she replied, "Ugghhh...I wish I could just read the damn Cliffs Notes!"


While her laziness made this fat Sumo mad... her comment rang true.

There ARE certain things I want to know more about... but I don’t wanna know EVERY FREAKIN TINY DETAIL about it! I just wanna know enough to get by.

It would be GREAT to have an expert summarize (in simple terms) on exactly what you should know about a subject.

There ARE mini cheat-sheet guides like this that are heavy in content, but light on size???

It's true. We've got THREE of these "mini-guides" here today (each is 15 pages or less):

  • Facebook Marketing - How you should be using Facebook for your biz.
  • Twitter Marketing - If your biz is on Twitter... make sure you read this first to get the max out of it.
  • Google Website Optimizer - How it helps you increase conversion rates on your site... FO FRIZZLE (to all you non-hip Sumo's, that means "For Free")

Each mini-book is full of "boiled-down-to-the-meat" content of what you should know...and nothing else to waste your time.

Anyone can quickly digest these in one sitting.

Think of these as a "quick, private tutorial" on a subject from an expert.

I bet if you had to go talk to a client on how to do "Twitter Marketing", you could quickly read one of these mini-books about it and look like you know what you’re really talking about in less than 20 minutes!

...and you know the info is primo stuff, because it comes from the geniuses at KISSmetrics who all-day-everyday help businesses convert more business.

We’ve got all three of these "mini-marketing-cheat-sheets" on a MASSIVE discount today... so grab them NOW and use them as a reference (or better yet, print them out and use them as a check-list)!

The Chief "Heavy on content AND heavy on size" Sumo

P.S. Anytime you have a question about how you should be marketing on Twitter or Facebook, you can go right back to these mini-guides for quick advice. Stop wasting time and go straight to the meat!!

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I am a beginner... but not THAT much.

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