Use quick landing pages from KickoffLabs to prove a business concept

KickoffLabs makes you a landing page WITHOUT any web knowledge. This Sumo even shows you how to prove a business concept using landing pages below:





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Attention webpage-illiterate Sumo-lings trying to do a startup!

We know you're stupid or lazy (well...at least when it comes to setting up basic webpages)...And we're here to help.

Correction...KickoffLabs is here to help.

KickoffLabs does one thing really damn well for you:

They make landing pages with newsletters.

(or "launch" pages...whatever you wanna call them).

They can even make landing pages for those of you who know NOTHING about buying hosting, setting up your DNS, FTP'ing files blah bLah BLAH...

This is perfect if you need a quick launch page...but have other stuff to do.

By the way...do you know how to prove if your business idea will work (or tank) using landing pages?

Well let this fat Sumo show you how to use KickoffLabs to test if your next business idea will actually work!

Step 1.) Make a list of all the business ideas you want to do.

Step 2.) Make different sites for each project...and let KickoffLabs make the landing page for you. For example:


This new app makes muffins pop out of your laptop screen.

If this is groovy to you...enter your email address

and I'll let you know when we launch!


Step 3.) Get people to each site (using Facebook, Twitter, previous clients, maybe even some Google AdWords)...and see which one gets the most signups.

BAM!! Done! Now you know the interest level based on the number of signups and feedback. This is a ghetto (but very telling) way to prove which of your ideas sounds the best to people...and then you can get started building.

Maybe you should do this for YOUR ideas!?

...and let KickoffLabs do the landing pages for you. They use split-tested-proven landing pages that convert the highest (they're uber simple, but uber effective).

...and you don't need to know JACK-SQUAT about setting up a webpage or hosting or anything.

So if you want to start testing that "Brilliant new biz idea" you have...or simply get a landing page up without all the normal hassle...get KickoffLabs to do it for you!

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