Build an online portfolio for your iOS app in 2 steps — here’s how...

Kickfolio is the world’s easiest way to build an online presence for your iOS app in just 2 simple steps so you spend more time developing great apps and less time designing websites.





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Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day to work with.

8-10 of those hours should be reserved to sleep, but I think we both know it just doesn’t work out like that.

Between debugging, getting the colors right, and making sure your code is solid for the amazing iOS app that you’re sharing with the world, there’s just not enough time.

Oh right, and while you know it’s important to have a website for your company or app, it’s just not in the development schedule.

Sumo-ling! Why U no have time for website?!?

No worries though, a couple guys who faced the same dilemma teamed up and founded their company called Kickfolio.

It’s a way to kick ass with building an online portfolio for your apps to give your users another channel to contact you for support, learn more about what you do, and well, you just need one ok?

This Sumo isn’t going to take the time to scold you for not getting a website up because this Sumo just haggled another deal to help you out. So now you don’t have an excuse to NOT have a website for your app.

Kickfolio makes it super easy to maintain an online presence, and keep it updated as you finish projects, and in only 20 seconds of your time.

Here’s how...

There’s a 2 step process to this whole thing...stay with me...

Step 1: Login into Kickfolio

Step 2: Paste the link to your app in the iTunes Store

That’s it! Kickfolio handles the rest — they grab screenshots, descriptions, reviews, download links and everything else and make an absolutely gorgeous page for your app.

No coding required! But if you’re handy with CSS, you can customize it to your developer-hearts content.

All hosting is provided by Kickfolio, so you’ll never need to worry about it. There’s unlimited bandwidth and page views, and with it being backed and safe guarded with Amazon Web Services, so you can rest easy knowing that your site is scalable for any type of traffic.

Before I go on and on about how awesome this Sumo is about getting deals and telling you the price, do you know what else is a pain in the ass with NOT having a website and just hoping that someone will see your app in the AppStore?

Screenshots. They’re useful...to an extent. But why let static images do all the selling for you when you can give your users a LIVE demo right on your newly built Kickfolio site?

Yep, Kickfolio lets you show off a real working demo that people can play around with (for 1 minute to be exact) right inside their browsers without having to download and purchase the app.

All you need to do is drag and drop a simulator build of your app and BAM...instant demo.

And everything can be integrated with Google Analytics to give you a heads up and quantify your marketing efforts.

Kickfolio really does take care of everything else for you, which is a huge time saver, and it’s pretty damn nice of them.

So what the hell are you waiting for developer Sumo-ling?!?

Pick this deal up for a full year’s worth of the Pro plan which gives you:

● 10 Apps

● Custom Domain

● 200 Live App Demos Per Month

● Custom CSS

● Google Analytics Integration

It’s normally $20/mo for the Pro plan (or $240/yr) but Chief Sumo took one look at Kickfolio and wisely said....

“Nah...we’ll sell it for $89.

And so it was done.

Chief Sumo rarely has words of wisdom to this degree and it won't last long, so pick this Kickfolio deal up for some kick ass portfolios for your iOS app and start selling more Sumo-ling (instead of wasting time building the damn thing).


The “Makes Minute Rice In 57 Seconds” Chief Sumo

P.S. - Hate ads? Yeah me too. So do the guys at Kickfolio. They hate it so much, that they’ll never, EVER populate your site with ads. Promise. I’ll vouch for them.

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