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200,000+ songs for the taking

Olman Quesada
Olman Quesada

June 6, 2017

Jamendo's massive music library: for all your project needs

When you first started out making video projects, product ads, and YouTube videos, you'd rip music from anyone and anywhere.

Jay-Z? Done.

The Beatles? Give me that.

Taylor Swift? You bet. (Ok, maybe this one was just me.)

But now that your business is official, you kinda, umm, can't do that.

So you're either forced to wipe the dust off of your recorder and make some tunes, or you have to pay a website a ton of money for music licenses.

Fortunately for you, Sumolings, we've teamed up with Jamendo.

Access to 10 Jamendo Credits

Jamendo is a music library filled with music (all rights included) perfect for any project.

This library boasts 200,000+ royalty free tracks.

Once you have a license, you are free to use the song legally, thanks to a recognized certificate. (You can breathe easy now and stop looking over your shoulder everywhere you go. Remember LimeWire?)

Oh, and with all rights included, you do not have to pay any royalties.

Access to 10 Jamendo Credits

Want to hear some of their bestselling tracks? Just click the image above and check em out!

Currently, the track pack price for 10 standard licenses is $389.

Each license includes:

  • Ability to use it for personal or commercial use

  • Broadcasting & synchronization rights

  • No fees to performance rights organizations

  • Unlimited duration

  • Worldwide coverage

However, Jamendo called us up the other day and told us they wanted to do something really nice for Sumolings.

Their idea of nice?

Allowing Sumolings to buy 10 standard licenses for only $49!

Why is Jamendo feeling so generous?

I'm not quite sure, but I suggest you get your code before it's too late.

But what if 10 credits aren't enough, you ask?

Stack as many codes as you like! These credits never expire!

Seriously, get as many deals as you want.

Click here for your Jamendo credits now!

Access to 10 Jamendo Credits

Some big name companies stand behind Jamendo.

If you have been searching for music you can legally use on the internet, you have probably been disappointed.

So many websites out there are offering stock music, which is basically elevator music. (And not even the good, Kenny G. elevator music.)

However, Jamendo is bringing you music from real, independent artists, composers, and sound designers from all around the world!

Access to 10 Jamendo Credits

The songs you find on Jamendo will make sure all of your video projects and ads kick ass.

And with 10 licenses for just $49, this is a deal you shouldn't let pass you by.

In fact, this is a deal you should buy stacks of! (Like chocolate chip pancakes at IHOP.)

If we run out of codes, you're gonna be stuck with those lame 'royalty-free stock tracks'. (And with the ability to stack these Jamendo codes, this is a very real possibility.)

Don't do that to your customers. Or yourself.

Start picking out your songs now!

P.S. You can stack as many codes as you like under one account, credits never expire :)

Access to 10 Jamendo Standard Licenses

  • One license allows you to use one track on one single commercial online project
  • 10 standard licenses (perfect for commercial Youtube videos, online ads, etc.)
  • Lossless wav file for each of the 10 licenses
  • Legal certificate for each of the 10 licenses
  • Codes are stackable (i.e. buy this deal as much as you like to increase your amount of licenses!)
  • Credits never expire
  • Choice between more than 200,000 tracks
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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