The Beginners Guide to Creating Successful Google AdWords Accounts

In 2010, businesses spent about $29 billion (with Google alone) to advertise their stuff in “tiny little boxes” called Google Adwords. Perhaps you should learn how to use them....





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When you Google something.....you’ll notice on the right-side of results page there are “tiny little boxes” with ads.

These are called Google AdWords.

You’ll be interested to know those “tiny little boxes” account for 98% of Google’s revenue (which was 29-BILLION DOLLARS in 2010)!

Okkkaaaayyyyy.......so maybe those “tiny little boxes” are worth something to businesses if they spent $29,000,000,000 on them in just one year.

You see Young Sumo-ling, when a business gets Google AdWords advertising down correctly, they can do something remarkable:

If they spend $100 on Google Adwords, and those ads bring in new customers who average $300 in profit to the company...

.....that means the company is getting a 3X return on investment from Google Adwords.

Now they just have to SPEND MORE....and they’ll MAKE MORE!

So now the company can throw $10,000 towards Google AdWords, and extract $30,000 in profit from it!

NOW you see why businesses love AdWords?

But Google AdWords can also be a gigantic money-sucking-machine if you don’t advertise correctly.

So this fat-butt Sumo is here today pimping this Google AdWords for Beginners video course to help ya out.

Watch this video course, and It’ll take you from Google AdWords Virgin...
...to Google AdWords Stud.

Knowing how to make an AdWords campaign is an incredibly profitable and valuable skill to know (and with the economy being all shaky, having valuable skillz is a GOOD THING according to this fat Sumo)!

Now you can take a college course about Google AdWords to learn all this valuable informati.....


…..they DON’T EVEN TEACH THIS STUFF in college even though it’s so incredibly valuable??

Wow. Well I’m incredibly happy that us Sumo’s are ahead of the curve and can teach you Google AdWords in a step-by-step video format.

Actually.....you’ll have an even better teacher than a loin-cloth-wearing Sumo:
Brad Geddes who’s been monetizing websites since 1998 (back when people barely even knew what that meant).

He’s gonna spill all his Google AdWords secrets, and show you how to implement them on your own business or for your company.

Now an education like this can literally launch a whole new career or consultancy business for you.....and the normal price tag is only $249 for it.

However this Sumo has a generous heart (that’s also filled with cholesterol), so I’ll let you take this Google AdWords for Beginners course for only $69.

BUT SUMO, that price is for TODAY ONLY, so START NOW and you’ll be rewarded with 72%-off the price!

The Chief “tiny little boxes” Sumo

P.S. You need no experience with online advertising.....so you can be a totally beginner and still learn from this video course!

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Andrew Moffat Rated 5 out of 5 tacos Rated 5 out of 5 tacos Rated 5 out of 5 tacos Rated 5 out of 5 tacos Rated 5 out of 5 tacos

This is an excellent introduction to Google AdWords. I would highly recommend this course to anybody new to AdWords or to anybody that believes they are not getting the results from AdWords that they had anticipated.

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