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Chief Sumo's Free WordPress Email Collector Plugin

Noah Kagan
Noah Kagan

April 1, 2013

Use this plugin on your WordPress site to grow your readership

At AppSumo, we love blinging up your inbox with a new email.

But for us to get access to your inbox and your attention we have to first get your email.

-- Rubs hands together --

I copied AppSumo's email collect page and created a WordPress plug-in out of it.

It only shows once to a visitor and I don't find it too intrusive. Totally customizable.

You can see it live on my site Okdork.com.

Customized Version

Here's a customized version

I'm making it free for you because I heart you.

It's still a work in progress, but hey, it's free :-)

Here's what someone who downloaded the plugin had to say:

Love this, its less intrusive than the annoying pop up ones. - Maria

"Tweet" or "Share" to download it now!

If you're reading this via email make sure you click "View Now" first to get to the page to find the share buttons.

- Chief Sumo

P.S. Once you install it, comment below with your URL :-)

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Interrupt WordPress Plugin

  • Works with most WordPress themes.
  • Easy to configure and customize.
  • Works with your current email collecting form.

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