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Rocket Lawyer makes it insanely easy to get your business incorporated and you barely gotta lift a finger. They’ll take care of everything -- you’ll get a 40% discount and free small business tools.





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Whether your company is large or small, incorporating is a smart business decision. Here are five key benefits to forming a corporation, LLC, or non profit:

1. Protect your business name

When you file your business entity, other corporations generally cannot file using the same name in the same state.

2. Establish legitimacy

Customers appreciate dealing with registered companies that they know will be around for a while.

3. Bulletproof liability protection

Operating your business as a separate entity protects your personal assets, like your home, car and savings.

4. Perpetual existence

When a separate business entity is formed, the company continues despite changes in ownership or management.

5. Tax benefits

From running a non-profit organization to enjoying lower corporate tax rates as an S Corp, incorporating can save a lot of money.

Rocket Lawyer makes your incorporation easy. With their step-by-step interview process, you can start setting up your new business entity in minutes. A Rocket Lawyer incorporation specialist will help process and file the paperwork to make your new LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp or Non Profit official. For a limited time, you can save 40% off. That’s just $59! As an added bonus, we’ll help get your business off to a great start too. You’ll receive a free tax consultation so you can better understand your IRS obligations as a legal business entity, plus a free business logo design and 100 business cards.

Don’t wait any longer–protect your personal assets and bulletproof your business!

Reviews & Advice

"I must have lucked out when I found Rocket Lawyer. They went above and beyond to help me form my LLC and follow my dreams to help other people. They really make me feel like I'm in good hands."

- Michelle Lee, Relish Your Life Now, Las Vegas, NV

“The Rocket Lawyer service is a lot more comprehensive than I thought it would be. I’ve referred friends to this site because it’s been so helpful and efficient.”

- Derrick Watson, Founder and President of Watson Family of Watson LLC

"It was really easy and intuitive to incorporate my property management business with Rocket Lawyer. They gave me everything I needed, and it was a straightforward process."

- Jerry Lentini, Property Manager, Lawrenceville, GA

"I don't give a lot of endorsements, but I've recommended Rocket Lawyer to several friends. I incorporated my home family entertainment business, easily created various valuable documents, and love that I can access all my documents in one place. Rocket Lawyer is a huge asset for the small business owner."

- Lenny Holmes, Southern Maine Sportszone Inc

In purchasing this package, you are receiving a discount on the processing of your incorporation. Not included are State filing fees, which can range anywhere from $8 to $520 which vary depending on each State and the entity type.

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