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Actionable Startup Marketing eBook Bundle

expert guides to common sense internet marketing strategies

  • Regularly: $7
    Internet Marketing that makes sense
  • Regularly: $7
    Get found by Google
  • Regularly: $17
    Master enterprise-class web analytics
  • Regularly: $20
    Learn how to write ads & choose keywords
  • Conversation marketing

    Internet Marketing that makes sense

    <p>Have you ever wondered if some people are MAKING things sound more complicated (and therefore can charge more for it)?</p>
    <p>Buzzwords are abound these days, so watch out if you hear someone say:</p>
    <p>"I'm an SEO strategist with high ROI's through CPC and SEM marketing techniques which commands exciting synergy between HVT customers and wraps it up in a Social Media-Friendly way."</p>
    <p><b>:: other person's jaw drops ::</b></p>
    <p>!?!?!?!? BUT WHAT THE HECK DOES ALL THAT MEAN? !?!?!?!?</p>
    <p>Fortunately we have plain-English-speaking (and 14 years of experience) internet marketer Ian Lurie here to explain.</p>
    <p>Here's what it'll do... I'll just let Ian tell you about his book Conversational Marketing in his own words.</p>
    <p>Here's Ian:</p>
    <p>Conversation Marketing introduces you to internet marketing strategy - not just web site design or search marketing, but how you tie it all together into a real money-making engine for your business.</p>
    <p>Internet marketing intimidate you? Relax. You're not alone. I've seen CEOs and marketing chiefs of Fortune 1000 companies reduced to damp rags by talk of search engines, return on investment, site design and the rest of the mish-mash that forms the online marketing world.</p>
    <p>Conversation Marketing, the book, takes all the geekspeak and three letter acronyms and turns them into a common-sense internet marketing strategy.</p>

    What you get

    <ul><li>95 page PDF version of the book.</li>
    <li>Find your online audience</li>
    <li>Develop your marketing strategy</li>
    <li>Improve design of your site</li>
    <li>Learn to promote your site</li>
    <li>Analyzing results and come to conclusions</li>
    <li>Hiring a web company without getting burned</li></ul>

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