UK - Catherine Hewitt

Catherine validated her storytelling business by starting with free work (which quickly turned into paid gigs).

  1. Who are you and where are you from?
    Catherine Hewitt from Middlesbrough, Cleveland, United Kingdom.
  2. When did you join
    August 2013
  3. Did you have any business ideas before joining Monthly1k?
    Yes - I had a few ideas
  4. What business idea did you validate?
    I validated the idea of Business Storytelling (Pentickle). I came across the idea by chance and did minimal research on it before trying to validate if it was something people wanted. I thought that my previous writing experience would work well with this idea.
  5. How did you validate your idea?
    I offered it in the HTMYFD facebook group and emailed friends and family who have businesses.
  6. Were you hesitant to join the Monthly1K course?
    I thought it looked like an interesting course the first time I saw it but I came back to look at it about five times before signing up.
  7. What was your life like before taking the Monthly1K course?
    I had been finding it difficult to find a job and was living on a low income, making money freelancing. I'd tried to start several businesses in a very wantrepreneureal fashion.
  8. How has the Monthly1K course changed your life?
    In ways I hadn't expected it to. I have more confidence to try things and talk to people I don't know. But most of all I've learnt things about starting a business that I don't think I could have learnt anywhere else.
  9. What was the cost of your original offer and how many offers did you sell?
    I offered to do the first three for free and all three spots were taken in less than 48hrs. Two of the three then came back to ask if I could do more (eight in total) and we agreed on a price that we were both happy with.
  10. What's one piece of advice you would give to someone thinking about joining this course?
    If you've tried starting a business before you will learn new methods on this course and have access to a huge group of others doing the same thing. Everyone in the group is willing to give advice or a kick up the butt when you need one.

P.S. The header font we used was a custom font made by our member Ben Fisher/The Hancock Project

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