Paloma took the Stranger Challenge.

The biggest roadblock keeping you from your goals is that nagging feeling in the back of your head saying, "I might fail."

Completing the Stranger Challenge subjects you to failure and rejection. You learn to stop letting that fear hold you back.

How did it feel for Paloma?

I procrastinated during weeks, i must confess... Each time i decided i had to do it i walked in the streets and was really nervous. Today i had the signs printed and said to myself that if i didn´t succeed, i´d make a photo with "I failed". But that felt so wrong inside me, it was something i had never felt, normally i´m not a competitive kind of person, but i think this is more ambition, and i didn´t know i had that inside me. So then i felt very strong and i did it in no time, it was not so horrible and then i felt so powerful, successful and happy, that i´m very proud of myself

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Failure is good.

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