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How email turned my side-business into my dream job

Dustin Lee
Dustin Lee

December 23, 2014

SumoMe grew my email list in 24 hours and is making me $70,000 more this year

The following is sumo-ling Dustin Lee's story on how he grew his side-business RetroSupply Co to pay for all his bills and help over 5,000+ designers:

In September of 2013, I launched RetroSupply Co, a digital goods shop that creates retro resources for graphic designers. It was a side project that allowed me to make products I loved for graphic designers. I didn’t have a fancy business plan – this was a labor of love.

RetroSupply Co Homepage

So when my shop on Creative Market started selling products like crazy I was thrilled to say the least. Almost overnight I was making a full time income from my "side" business.

Despite this success, I didn't have one very important thing ... an email list.

I knew from my past online marketing work that an email list is the most profitable asset you can have.

So I set up a site with a basic email opt-in so I could email my visitors and sell them my design resources.

After a couple of days, I saw some sales but knew I could be doing much better.

Just looking at my site I could see two gigantic missed opportunities on my site:

  1. I had a single opt-in on the front page (but people were landing on other pages of my site)
  2. People were seeing my site for a few seconds and leaving (never to return)

Sound familiar? Despite knowing this I did nothing.

And if you’ve ever built a business, you know why. Because increasing your email opt-ins is a MASSIVE pain in the butt.

Here’s a short list of time-consuming things that growing an email list requires:

  • Adding an opt-in form to every page
  • Signing up with a service to put an opt-in bar on the top of my site
  • Signing up on another site to add a smart pop-up box
  • Monitoring visitors with heat maps
  • More and more work

BLECH! Anyone who’s ever tried to do this knows that the simple task of growing your email list can quickly become a complex maze of different services. Not to mention it gets expensive!

So I did nothing, until one day I heard of SumoMe, which is 100% free.

SumoMe was so fast and easy to set up, I was immediately loving it. Here’s all I did:

  1. Went to SumoMe.com and grabbed the one-line of code
  2. Copy & pasted it in the head of my HTML
  3. BOOM! SumoMe installed
  4. Added the Smart Bar and List Builder with one-click
  5. Entered the details of my opt-in offer and double checked it was working

That’s it – totally painless (and FREE). Normally adding these two services would have taken over an hour. Within 5 minutes I was back to working on my business.

Here’s what it looked like on my site:

How SumoMe looks on my site

The next morning I pulled open my daily report from MailChimp to see what happened:

What SumoMe did with my email list

Before, only 2% of people visiting my site were giving me their email. With SumoMe, my email opt-ins tripled!

What happened with my conversion rate after using SumoMe

I’ve now been using List Builder and Smart Bar from SumoMe for 3 months. My results have stayed the same and my list has been consistently growing!

Because of SumoMe, I'll be making an additional $70,000 in sales over the next year.

Not too bad, huh? :-)

My favorite thing about SumoMe is how I don't have to sign-up for a bunch of different services or spend hours to grow my subscribers.

Here’s the 3 steps YOU should take right now::

1. Install SumoMe on your site right now. I’m serious. Go do it now. I’ll wait ... did you add it or just keep reading? Seriously, go add it, this single step could change your business.

2. Activate List Builder and Smart Bar to your site. There’s over 15 cool pieces of software you can add but these two are the ones that gave me the biggest results with the least amount of work.

How to install List Builder and Smart Bar

3. Create an irresistible offer. Remember, SumoMe makes it easy to grow your email list, but you still need to create an irresistible offer.

Here’s the formula I used to make a great offer:


Here's the pop-up I used:

An example of my clear and valuable email opt-in

If you’ve ever built an online business, you know there’s no such thing as a magic bullet.

But what does exist are smarter, faster and easier ways to do things. SumoMe is that thing for building your email list.

Between being fast and completely FREE, you have nothing to lose.

Click here to install SumoMe in 37 seconds.


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