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AppSumo's purpose is to help you create your own profitable business. When you're happy, we're happy.

In essence our success depends on yours. We take daily stock of customer happiness using polls, surveys, and even one-on-one conversations. Today's overall rating is 3.5, which is 1% better than our average. Not bad!

It takes an amazing community to make a project like this meaningful, and we hope you continue to demand the highest quality from us. Below you can see what customers are saying about AppSumo, both good and bad.

What Customers Are Saying


Awesome stuff


I really don't not like that you make people subscribe when logging with the wrong email address. So I have 2 accounts now and cannot delete it.


quick and easy as always


This deal is awesome! It was incredibly easy to redeem and it was just as advertised. A free lifetime account that is editable at any time. I'm super satisfied with this.

Dmitry Solovyev

LeadsBridge and DataDeck offers!


Unable to redeem.


Always has high quality deals!
Can't beat FREE, either.


ease of registering and gaining access

Wild Ed

I got free stuff. So Im Happy.


You can't f88kin! log in. A waste of time


no info on how to get back to Giving Docs...I am not a geek, so may have missed it.

Mary Ann Moisan

Thank You!


The directions and steps to Lifetime Access to Giving Docs were extremely easy


Being able to get the featured deal. All the links appear to have worked, this makes me very happy. I was able to follow the links from CNET.

John Walters

I cannot redeem my coupon code to get the mailshake account to activate


Never able to access my Giving Docs app.


Couldn't start it. Ill try tomorrow

James Ek

Couldn't sign in. Password not accepted. Got error message when I said I forgot my password.


It's like Noah was in my brain eating tacos in there. I was just telling my husband we needed to do this for our family.


the awesome free gifts

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