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AppSumo's purpose is to help you create your own profitable business. When you're happy, we're happy.

In essence our success depends on yours. We take daily stock of customer happiness using polls, surveys, and even one-on-one conversations. Today's overall rating is 3.4, which is 0% better than our average. Not bad!

It takes an amazing community to make a project like this meaningful, and we hope you continue to demand the highest quality from us. Below you can see what customers are saying about AppSumo, both good and bad.

What Customers Are Saying

Mark Carbone

Reminded me how easy it is to take one step at a time and one day at a time approach.

John Lamerand

Normally I love what Noah and his team offer. Today, not so much. I came directly to the site today to review what I had bought previously and to check out what kind of deal you had lined up... but after buying the product I felt that there were discrepancies between the copy and the details on redemption. Around here we'd call that a shitty deal, or if it were done by an Australian retailer might be deemed false or misleading conduct under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010; I am not sure what legal remedies there might be in the USA.


Great to have a nice freebie !

Ronnie Christopher

Getting through the validation taught me so much information. Thank you!

JFelipe Mendoza

appsumo is the best apps for websites!!


I can't find my account my setting for the popups and stuff on my website


You guys rock. Period.

Camron Sabour

I applied to be a sumo today! :-)




fond what i was looking for


the 45min okdork video


Can you strike a deal with Grammarly or similar product.

Andre Wiley

This is a lot of the same things over and over again.... The FB group is definitely no help. Lost money there too.

kathleen fitzgerald

easy to use and great user interface - made me want to fill out a profile

Nick Reese

The latest deal is super misleading and was really expecting more.

It's a minimal cost, but really expected more.


I really don't understand what you guys do. I am a beginning entrepreneur always looking for new avenues of opportunity but every time I get on your site I get very confused about what you guys are doing. I feel like I walked into math class in the middle of the year and everyone is talking about something I missed.

I was brought here because of the failure games app but beyond that I cannot find a way to take advantage of what you offer because I do not know what the stuff you are selling is applicable to. Please don't take this as a shitty troll waiting to knock you down. I am just confused. That is my UX :)


simplicity and great product offer

David Hachez

Where is my product GoodUI that I just paid?

Thorhallur Arnason

I can't find the email preferences, I want to receive your newsletter again: I had to dig up an old email from you and say unsubscribe to find the email prefs page...



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