Project Happiness

AppSumo's purpose is to help you create your own profitable business. When you're happy, we're happy.

In essence our success depends on yours. We take daily stock of customer happiness using polls, surveys, and even one-on-one conversations. Today's overall rating is 3.4, which is 1% worse than our average. We're working on it!

It takes an amazing community to make a project like this meaningful, and we hope you continue to demand the highest quality from us. Below you can see what customers are saying about AppSumo, both good and bad.

What Customers Are Saying


Videos aren't there on the Justin Cutroni page.

Ben A Li

Everything went as it should


Thanks for helping me become a better me!

Jon Davis

I wished I could have signed up for the Grammarly deal and I was too late...


great product, great price

Nancy Gonzalez

Estoy probando, y hasta ahora voy bien.


I have been trying to contact your office to see if there is a way to get out of my subscription. I haven't used my account in over 5 months, and am still being charged. Please send me an email or reply to my phone calls. Thank you.


I cannot find info about how to delete my account! You HAVE to put that on the site somewhere!!!!


I bought today the Startup theme, but after I downloaded the assets I noticed that it does not include the wordpress theme. I bought it thinking it was for Wordpress.


I am trying to unsubscribe. You make it nearly impossible


No more myapptemplate deals


Missed the deadline.... Boo!

Craig Gunderson

You guys are just great. Don't ever forget it.


Easy sign up and pay experience.


i have requested a refund for the purchase and read the reviews stating no one gets them.


I got a great value on a great product, very excited! Qualifies as amazing in my book.

Drew Ostry

Been gone for a bit. Just glad to be back. Donuts!


Great deal.


I activated a deal (bit fountain) back in May, before the deadline to activate, and received a confirmation back then from bit fountain, but now that I'm trying to actual do the course, I have no login. I kinda threw away 25 bucks, didn't I. Not happy, hence the long face.

Adrienne Pitman

I cannot find the access to Email Templates or to the other products I purchased and I most likely do not have the invoice / receipts as it was last year.

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