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AppSumo's purpose is to help you create your own profitable business. When you're happy, we're happy.

In essence our success depends on yours. We take daily stock of customer happiness using polls, surveys, and even one-on-one conversations. Today's overall rating is 3.8, which is 11% better than our average. Not bad!

It takes an amazing community to make a project like this meaningful, and we hope you continue to demand the highest quality from us. Below you can see what customers are saying about AppSumo, both good and bad.

What Customers Are Saying

T Raven Meyers

rocked it


I love free stuff (I mean who doesn't!) but when you guys promote super cool and useful things like Wistia, which is exactly what I need for my website right now, well...it just makes me happy.


Mushabab Thengat

fantastic deal - wistia

NJ Cadet

Holy tacos FREE WISTIA FOR LIFE? Not less than two weeks after the amazing Share as Image Pro deal? HOLY TACOS BATMAN!

Darlene Ellenburg

Not knowing who to host videos with has been holding up some projects. Wistia and AppSumo ... great way to get a customer to decide! Very grateful for this one.


Yay for free Wistia account!

Brian Deeley

Haven't been by in awhile, so it was good to catch up!


Ballin free friggen deals that are making my website beyond kick ass! God I love you Sumo's. You guys rock. Keep killing it!


great deal from wistia!


unlock the full course. sell the full course in the beginning.


well, hello, the free Wistia? love you guys


LOVE the fabulous Wistia offer~thanks so much!

Eduardo Garciatorres Resano

Wistia sounds like very interesting alternative to Vimeo, will try - Thx AppSumo


A free kick-ass Wistia deal? You've got to be kidding me! You guys have been killing it with awesome deals lately. Nice work.

Thomas Michaud

Great deal and love the tutorials that the folks at Wistia provide for shooting video. Emailing my my colleagues about this deal after writing this review!


The incredible deal with Wistia...I've always been a fan of their video software!

Thomas Abel

:) free deal


Free stuff!

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