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AppSumo's purpose is to help you create your own profitable business. When you're happy, we're happy.

In essence our success depends on yours. We take daily stock of customer happiness using polls, surveys, and even one-on-one conversations. Today's overall rating is 3.5, which is 1% better than our average. Not bad!

It takes an amazing community to make a project like this meaningful, and we hope you continue to demand the highest quality from us. Below you can see what customers are saying about AppSumo, both good and bad.

What Customers Are Saying


I requested a refund for a product because it had glitches. I asked to be refunded in credits.

Customer service took 5 days to reply, not 24 hours. They did not take the time to read my email, because they processed a refund to my bank balance, not in credits.

I contacted Jesse, the Appsumo rep who had finally replied to me, asking why this had happened. That was last week. No reply, surprise surprise.

Appsumo should remove the '24 hour reply' claim if it is not true.


It was not clear to me at the time of purchase that there would be "Redeem by" dates for my purchases. Super bummed that i missed out on my opportunity to use them. Is there any way to fix this?




Easy to find stuff, lots of bargains. Love it!


You guys always come through with the incredible deal. Thank you!


I love the products you expose me to! I had a few questions about your lifetime Banner offer, so I contacted the company and they were AWESOME to work with. Definitely went above and beyond. I like that if a company comes to my attention thru AppSumo, you've already vetted them and there is a level of trust that saves me time and stress. Thanks!


Great Product Great Support Highly Recommended


I can't find any info on returning this (earn 1000 monthly) product even though there is a 60 day money back guarantee on it.

Jamil Hossen

Good Experience.

Chris Ellis

With some less than happy moments in my life the last 6 months, it's been great to get back to looking at things I enjoy and maybe finally getting to get back to them.


I was looking for the WiseStamp deal, but unfortunately it was no longer there. Please re-initiate


Cant redeem code!!!


Appears to be down again

My purchases are not appearing still after 1 week

Zeno Muncrief

Life Noah... Life

Journet Camargo

They have the best deals on the web


I tried to redeem my coupon by the deadline and was not able to - I need help and would like to redeem my google analytics course today.


It wasn't made clear to me that the product I purchased (WireframeApp) was a beta. It's buggy and not working well.


can't find how to get a refund


You are always amazing, tbh. :)

Emmelie Forsyth

i couldn't redeem my code for the Instagram Intensive Course :(

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