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Hacking Content Creation for Revenue, Traffic & Customers

Discover how HackerNews Phenom Patrick McKenzie does it

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    <h4>What you learn</h4>

    - How you can effectively automate your content creation
    - Getting ranked #1 on Google can be easy - if you simply follow one strategy
    - Learn hiring tips for outsourcers, developers, and writers
    - Major difference between how techies & non-techies solve problems online
    - Content silos - why it makes your market love you
    - How to amp up your "link juice" - and the key to Google love
    - Behind-the-scenes backend of how Patrick has automated his content

    <h4>WHO IT'S FOR</h4>
    - People who have small to medium-sized online business who care about maximizing their time
    - People looking to scale up
    - People who care about being found #1 on Google for their niche
    - People who would like to create evergreen organic content their audience loves

    <h4>WHO IT'S NOT FOR</h4>
    - Not for those who enjoy spending AdWords money month after month
    - Not for who don't have a message to spread, an idea to share, or a product or service to offer

    Write a review on your blog (with a link back to this page) about what you thought of the video.
    One random person will win 1 hour of consulting with Patrick McKenzie.

    What you get

    The full 38-minute video in the following formats:
    - Streaming chapters
    - Downloadable to your desktop
    - Downloadable to your iPod
    - Transcript
    - Exclusive access to the Sumo Insider Report where Patrick will answer your question personally

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