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The easiest way to see your Google Analytics

Nat Eliason
Nat Eliason

September 19, 2015

With Google Analytics by SumoMe, you can see your stats right on your page without going anywhere

How long does it take you to check your site stats?

If you're using Google Analytics like 99% of site owners, it goes something like this:

  1. Go to google.com/analytics and log in
  2. Find your site in that series of folders and click on it
  3. See your total stats
  4. Navigate through 50 confusing menus to find more details
  5. Go home because that took your entire work day :-(

At AppSumo, we see our stats RIGHT ON EACH PAGE. Seriously, look:

How we see our stats on AppSumo

We see our real time stats from Google Analytics on every page.

Don't worry, this data is only shown to the logged-in admin, not visitors.

And if we want to see more, we simply click on that box and see all our most-important stats:

Google Analytics by SumoMe

Without having to dig through a ton of data, see what matters to you

This is literally the easiest way to see your stats from Google Analytics.

Want the same for your site? For FREE?!

Click here to get Google Analytics by SumoMe now - 100% free.

If you already have SumoMe on your site, click here to install it in the Sumo Store.

With it, you'll see:

  • A clear view of how you're doing. No more digging through data to find the numbers that matter.
  • Real time information. See how many people are on your site RIGHT now.
  • Your most popular pages. Use this data to do more of what is working and grow your traffic.

Best part? Google Analytics by SumoMe is 100% free. And it always will be. No gimmicks.

Seriously, there's absolutely no reason for you not to try this out ...

Click here to get it now.

Google Analytics by SumoMe

  • See your stats from Google Analytics directly on each page, shown only to you.
  • Real-time information: see how many people are on your site right now.
  • See exactly how your site is doing: pageviews, users, session duration, and more.

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