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Attention all Mac Geeks with cameras (I'm writing this on a MacBook Air and taking pictures of my sandwich with a Canon camera ... so I'm one of em too)!

The Sumo is here to save you a bunch of time if you do image editing on your photos.

We all know the typical culprit most people use: Photoshop

He's a good guy but has TOO MUCH to offer sometimes. And let's admit it ...
... Photoshop is bigger and more bloated than THIS fat Sumo!

Sometimes I just wanna add effects to my pictures really quick (ESPECIALLY when I have a big set to do) ... but this takes more time than necessary with most tools.

This is where FX Photo Studio for Macs swings in to rescue my poor wrists from needless point-n-clicking in Photoshop over and over.

FX Photo Studio is kinda like an "easy Photoshop" to help you add the most popular effects to your pictures REALLLLLLYYY FAST.

This is GREAT if you don't know how to use Photoshop THAT well (like me), because I can do things with my photos in FX Photo Studio that I personally can't do in Photoshop.

This means I can take a whole photo set and make some images:

  • Look nostalgic (with that Sepia tone and black glow-edge)
  • Look all grunge-ified with one click (not 12 filters)
  • Take a mountain-side picture and make it POP with color effects
  • Waaaaaaaayyyyy more effects than I can list here

What's also a HUGE time-saver is that FX Photo Studio shows you a SIDE-BY-SIDE LIVE PREVIEW of what a photo looks like with different effects.

This is much better than manually applying then undoing different effects (booorrriing).

Cool eh? You want it eh?

Well FX Photo Studio is normally $39.99 if you buy it like a "normal person".

But YOU are Sumo.

And for a limited time only young Sumo-ling, you can snag a copy of FX Photo Studio for much cheaper.

P.S. One of my favorite features of FX Photo Studio is you can FX-erize your picture and there's a link to automatically share it on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Email etc. without uploading it separately. That's great, because the interwebs need more Sexy Sumo pictures ;-)

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