FollowUp.cc turns your forgetful self into a memory monster.

Stop forgetting to do stuff. Make the BCC field in your email become your most powerful ally in the War Against Being Forgetful.





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This Chief Sumo personally uses FollowUp.cc, so lemme show how it's saved me MANY times (personal stuff AND bid-naz stuff)

Scenario 1: Close more deals and Make More Money in Sales & Biz Dev

The best sales & biz dev Sumos use FollowUp.cc to stay on top of conversations they're having with leads (rather than sitting on them). It's no-brain-simple:

To: joe@mydreamdeal.com
BCC: 2w@followup.cc
Subject: Makin' You Millions

If you haven't heard back in two weeks, the message magically appears at the top of your inbox - and you just follow up or 'Snooze It' for later!

The two things this Sumo likes best - not using his noggin AND closin' deals.

Scenario 2: Schedule your To-Do List

Apparently even Sumos are expected to remember birthdays. By default I rely on Facebook to tell me when birthdays are...but that tells you the DAY OF their birthday. If you have to actually buy a gift it takes more time (even stuff I order with Amazon Prime takes 2 days to show up).

...and if I forget to get Ms. Sumo a good bday present...let's just say I'll be putting a huge dent in our couch for a loooonnnggg time.

That's why I set a bday reminder before her birthday. I just send an email:

To: aug7@followup.cc
Subject: Buy Ms. Sumo the best present of her life

THAT's it. On August 7th I'll get a reminder to buy her a gift well in advance! It's so damn easy!

Scenario 3: Inbox Zero can be a reality

When I would freelance I would get potential clients emailing me. I'd alllwaayyss forget to followup with proposals or whatever they needed.

Fortunately there's FollowUp.cc to help me.

So when Carl asks me to do something...I'll respond to his email telling him "yes"...but I also add a BCC to 12hours@followup.cc, and it will send me a reminder in 12 hours! Like this:

To: carl@somefakecompany.com
BCC: 12hours@followup.cc
Subject: Re: Hey Sumo, can you send us that proposal tomorrow?

These are just three small ways FollowUp.cc is constantly helping me out...like extra memory cells.

It's an INCREDIBLY effective tool for business relations, sales people and freelancers.

The price per year is normally $150...and considering how many sales this will salvage and relationships it will help, it's totally worth it.

...but for TODAY ONLY us Sumos have got the price cut down by over half off for a year subscription to FollowUp.cc!

So stop forgetting stuff NOW and grab this deal!

"Follow up first. The follow-ups that people remember best are the ones they receive first. Give yourself 12 to 24 hours after you meet someone to follow up. Cite something in particular you talked about in the course of the conversation, which can serve as a mental reminder of who you are."

--Excerpt from Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz

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