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Uncover more emails than Russia

Olman Quesada
Olman Quesada

June 23, 2017

Lifetime access to verifying emails and finding prospects with FindThatLead

Who here enjoys gathering leads?

It's okay, you don't have to lie to us, we hate it too.

Not only does it take forever to gather prospects' emails, but half of the time we aren't even sure if they are active. (Talk about frustrating!)

However, we found a product to solve our lead gathering problems.

Meet FindThatLead.

Lifetime Access to Find That Lead

FindThatLead serves up people's email with just one click.

You read right.

So there are different tools within FTL:

    Prospector tool: This is for finding potential leads in specific categories, for example: I want to find CEO's in New York in the software industry that have less than 10 employees. FTL will show hundreds and even thousands of results that fall within those parameters.
  • Email verifier: You want to check if an email address is valid. You enter billg@microsoft.com and check to see if it's a confirmed email.

  • Domain search: You type in Microsoft and FTL will show all the emails they have verified under that domain.

  • Lead search: You type in name & site, for example - Bill Gates / Microsoft and FTL will either give you the correct email address or provide you with a guess. (Pro tip: When it's a guess, I usually enter it into a gmail to see if it populates with profile info).

  • Whois Lookup: This is an integration where it will show you who is the registered owner of a website, if public.

My favorite way to use FindThatLead to find CEO's (for y'alls future deals) is with the Chrome extension.

Once I'm on my future partner's LinkedIn page, I click the FTL button and boom - a lifetime deal starts brewing!

Lifetime Access to Find That Lead

After gathering all of your leads, use FindThatLead's lead manager to manage all of the emails you've discovered.

And we know what you are wondering..

Are these accurate emails?

You bet your grandma's dentures they are.

Now it's important to know that no tool in the world can find every email (except maybe my ex-gf).

But FindThatLead's database and algorithm gives you the chances of finding someone's correct email with over a 20% success - which ranks very high in this industry.

Lifetime Access to Find That Lead

All other 18 AppSumo leads are Noah's family members.

Usually, access to FindThatLead's Small Plan is $348 per year.

However, Sumolings can get lifetime access for a fraction of that price.

By flashing your Sumoling card at checkout, you can grab FindThatLead's Small Plan for only $39!

Click here to get lifetime access to FindThatLead!

Bonus: This deal unlocks the Prospector tool in the Small Plan.

Your lifetime access to the Small Plan includes:

  • 1,500 credits per month (a credit is a search or verification)

  • A Google Chrome extension that can be used on social networks

  • Ability to add bulk emails by importing a CSV and a Google spreadsheet add-on

  • Chat and email support

  • Prospector tool unlocked: Find prospects by selecting criteria such as industry, location, company size, title, etc.

Lifetime Access to Find That Lead

FindThatLead's dashboard makes it simple to see the leads you've scored.

If you are thinking about using the competition, think twice.

We weren't kidding about the email accuracy.

And their verification algorithm is top notch.

Because of this, you will have a much higher chance of delivering emails to the right people.

Also, being able to find a certain target with the prospector tool is incredibly useful.

How the prospector tool works is magic:

  • You choose from as many different variables as you need to make your search as accurate as possible.

  • After the variables are selected, type in the intended prospect info. (You can add more than one option per variable.)

  • Then pick which leads you want to verify for an email and get to prospecting!

Obtaining accurate emails can be a pain in the butt.

But it doesn't have to be.

Use this AppSumo deal to make your lead-generation life much easier.

Click here for lifetime access for just $39!

$39  $1,740

Amount Remaining

Lifetime Access to Find That Lead's Small Plan Plus

  • 1,500 credits/searches per month
  • Chat & Email support
  • Prospector tool
  • Import CSV + Google Spreadsheet Add-on
  • Chrome Extension
  • Each search & email verification = 1 credit
  • All future updates included in this deal
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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