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Failure Games is now available for Android

Eric Fernandez
Eric Fernandez

January 16, 2014

Thousands of iOS users from all over the world have joined. Let’s hear from the Android crowd!

Failure Games is a mobile app based on part of our "How To Make A $1,000 A Month Business" course. Everyday, a challenge is issued designed to push you out of your comfort zone and listen to that voice in your head that says, “What’s the worst that could happen?”

When I was younger, I would talk to everybody that would listen, take road trips on a whim, and perform in front of packed houses at different theatres. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more reserved, quiet, and private.

While that’s not a bad thing, I can’t help but think back and remember how fun it was to have that kind of spontaneity in my life.

With Failure Games, I’ve learned that I can still be that person. The daily challenge gives me an opportunity to leave my comfort zone, have some fun, and better myself.

Whether playing air guitar in a crowded restaurant, reaching out to old friends, or asking the Chief Sumo for three pieces of constructive criticism, Failure Games has helped me revisit a version of myself that I’ve missed.

The Constructive Criticism Challenge

I'm actively looking for auditions, down over 25 lbs, and playing poker with the office after work today!

Members of the "How To Make A $1,000 A Month Business" course have consistently told us that the fear of failure has played a central role in preventing them from starting or growing their business. Time to shake off that fear, learn that you may not fail and, even if you do, you can start again having learned from your mistakes.

Screenshot of Failure Games for Android

Me too, buzz!

When we emailed about the iOS version of Failure Games, the majority of comments were you guys asking for an Android version. As an Android owner myself, I’ve been dying to get it on my phone too.

Well ... it’s finally here!

Download Failure Games for Android now and join me in finding out what’s on the outside of the comfort zone.

P.S. Have an iPhone but still don't have the Failure Games App? Click here to download Failure Games for iOS.


Starts In

Failure Games Android App

  • Daily challenges to get you out of your comfort zone and overcome the failure of fear.
  • Upload photos/videos of your bravery and share them with friends and people around the world.
  • Explore trending posts to see people succeeding and failing at the daily challenge.

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