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Be a better marketer for life

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

April 18, 2017

Discover your industry's best content and top influencers with EpicBeat

Sumo-lings, how much time do you waste searching the web for quality content in your industry?

Our guess is too much.

But what if you could find top content and the best strategies for reaching your audience all in one place?

I think you know where we are going with this...

Meet EpicBeat.

Get Lifetime Access to EpicBeat

EpicBeat brings you the trends, content, and influencers that are important to you.

It does this by helping you do two very important things:

  1. Find awesome content to share with your audience
  2. Find influencers that want to share your content

And once you finish scouring through the best content, you'll have tons of ideas of your own! (Even better ideas than that time you tried LSD in college.)

Not only do you get to see the best content, you get to see what's working for them (top formats, social channels, etc.).

EpicBeat also helps you find industry influencers so that you discover their preferred social network.

You can sort influencers by their activity and attack (not literally) the ones who retweet and engage the most!

Get Lifetime Access to EpicBeat

Up until recently, EpicBeat offered their services for free.

But, some of their employees started to ask for money so they could buy food and necessities (very high-maintenance if you ask me) and EpicBeat decided it was time to start charging customers.

So, now, the EpicBeat Plus Plan looks like this:

Get Lifetime Access to EpicBeat

You know we got you a special deal so you can kick ass at your content marketing.

Instead, all you need to pay is $39 one time and you will have the EpicBeat Plus Plan for life!

Based off of 3 years, that is over 95% in savings!

Click here to start mastering your content marketing!

Get Lifetime Access to EpicBeat

Get Lifetime Access to EpicBeat

Over 1,000 Sumolings have snagged this deal before the email even went out!

Compared to the competition, EpicBeat makes discovering and sharing content a walk in the park.

It also has some features the competition hasn't even dreamed about.

For example, 3-click curation.

Once you find a super cool article you want to share with your audience, 3-Click Curation can magically send it to your blog. No painful formatting or copy and pasting required.

The content curation possibilities really distance EpicBeat from the pack.

In addition, EpicBeat's content insights, will teach you when to publish and which platforms are the best for your content.

Plus, you'll be able to see influencers who are most likely to respond, voluntarily share content, and potentially follow you back!

Get Lifetime Access to EpicBeat

These insights are the MAJOR keys to your marketing success.

EpicBeat will save you time, money, and lots of effort.

With its unlimited daily searches, 10 alerts of competition mentions, 20 saved searches, an unlimited curation to three WordPress sites, you are armed with everything you need for a successful marketing campaign.

And don't forget, you are saving HUNDREDS of dollars with our deal!

You won't be disappointed in your decision to buy this deal. (Unlike your decision to drunk FaceTime your ex at 2 AM. Sorry, Jess.)

Get lifetime access to EpicBeat Plus for only $39 now!

$39  $1,470

Starts In

Lifetime Access to EpicBeat's Plus Plan

  • Unlimited Daily Searches
  • 10 alerts for monitoring your or your competitions’ mentions
  • Unlimited curation to three WordPress sites (Sites are replaceable)
  • 3-Click Curation
  • 20 saved searches
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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